A trial is the traditional means of resolving disputes. However, there may be a better option. Alternative Dispute Resolution is often a better method because it reduces costs, time, and publicity while providing greater control over the outcome. We are especially skilled at reaching favorable outcomes for our clients when Alternative Dispute Resolution is appropriate. We utilize:
  • Arbitration involves selecting one or more impartial parties to make a binding decision after each party presents their case. You have more control over the outcome because you and the opposing party may select an expert on the subject of your dispute. Arbitration is much faster than a typical trial, which often takes months if not years to have your day in court. Arbitration reduces the cost of discovery and eliminates a lengthy trial. Arbitration is also private and confidential.
  • Mediation involves the use of skilled neutral party to assist you and the other party to reach a settlement. A mediator does not have the power to impose a solution. They help explore options and help identify issues each party may have overlooked. However, resolution of the dispute rests with you and your opposing party. Many cases are resolved within a few hours. If mediation is unsuccessful, the parties may quit and go to trial or submit the unresolved issues to arbitration.
Rather than going to court, you may benefit from alternative dispute resolution. However, it is critical that you select an attorney experienced and trained in arbitration or mediation. We have several attorneys that are both experienced arbitrators and mediators. They also represents clients in alternative dispute resolution proceedings. You owe it to yourself to explore a faster, more confidential, and less expensive way to resolve your dispute. Call (480) 733-6800 for a confidential consultation.

Attorneys in Arbitration/Mediation

Bradley D. Weech
Robert N. Sewell

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