Davis Miles boasts one of the top probate practices in Arizona led by Robert Sewell, the host of the international podcast “Is That Even Legal?” When a loved one dies or becomes disabled, taking care of their property can create severe stress and anxiety for their loved ones. We understand these are emotionally charged times, which is why we provide not only legal counsel but emotional support. Let us guide you through the complicated questions to the right solutions.

Know your rights and obligations.

Whether you’re dealing with a will, a trust, or a disability there are many complicated legal issues to navigate. We’ll help you understand your rights and fulfill your obligations as a personal representative, trustee, or beneficiary. If you feel you’re not being treated fairly, we’ll help protect and resolve your valid claims in court or outside of it.

  • What to do with a loved one’s property if they didn’t leave a will.
  • How to execute and administer a will and/or trust.
  • How to divide up the estate fairly and minimize estate taxes.
  • What you’re required to do as a personal representative or trustee.
  • How to get what you think you deserve from an estate or trust.

Trust us to help resolve your probate issues.

The Davis Miles team has deep knowledge gained over years of practice in probate and trust litigation. We’ve successfully handled a spectrum of cases, from straightforward disputes to complex litigation involving high-value estates. We also have established relationships with professionals across the various legal areas that can be involved in probate and trust litigation. We know how to compassionately dig into the unique circumstances of each dispute and create a robust and effective strategy. We take an empathetic approach to every dispute and maintain respect for everybody involved, keeping you informed every step of the way.

Here’s what you get from the Davis Miles team:

  • Commitment to Communication
  • Compassionate Approach
  • Cost-Efficient Representation
  • Expert Resources
  • Extensive Experience
  • Personalized Strategy
  • Strong Negotiation and Courtroom Skills

Will Contests

Whether you wish to challenge the validity of a will or defend a will against such challenges, we can help you resolve your dispute.

Trust Litigation

We’ll help ensure that your trust operates as intended and the rights of beneficiaries are protected.

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

We’ll help ensure trustees, executors, or personal representatives are fulfilling their fiduciary duties and we can also defend against claims of mismanagement.

Guardianship and Conservatorship Disputes

We handle disputes over the establishment, administration, and oversight of guardianships and conservatorships, always prioritizing the welfare of the ward or protected individual.

Accounting and Document Requests

Davis Miles helps you obtain the necessary accountings and documents related to your estate or trust, facilitating transparency and ensuring proper management.

Resolution and Mediation

We advocate for resolving disputes outside of court whenever possible, through negotiations, mediation, or arbitration. It saves time, reduces costs, and preserves your family relationships.

Meet our Probate Team

The Davis Miles team is highly efficient and effective at navigating the complex and often emotional matters of probate and trust litigation. We specialize in resolving disputes effectively and compassionately, protecting your interests, and bringing peace of mind during difficult times. We believe in transparency and will make sure you understand your options and all possible outcomes.

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What Our Clients Say

Final Peace with my Father

“It is solely due to your excellent counsel that I, my children, and grandchildren had the opportunity to have a final week of precious time with my father. We treasured every moment that we were provided to love on him, sing with him, tell stories, and honor him. Without your dedication and expert knowledge to our issues we would not have had access and final peace with him. You have deeply touched our lives forever. He also loved on us and treasured the moments as well.”


Appreciated the Honesty

“I came to Bob’s firm with a unique and difficult probate case that I was hoping wouldn’t have to go to arbitration. I was drawn to his firm because of a positive experience in my family, but I was still nervous about who I would choose to represent me. I had a very delicate situation and knew I needed a specific kind of attorney to take on this case with me. I met with Bob for an initial consult, and I immediately knew I wanted to hire him. Bob went above and beyond in my case and made sure that he would get things to end in my favor. I appreciated his honesty and straight forwardness from start to finish; I had expected to have to interpret the real truth in what was being said to me, but Bob always told it like it was – even when I wasn’t always thrilled with what he was telling me. His work ethic is admirable and the persistence he showed in my case blew my expectations out of the water. Bob fought for me tooth and nail and still kept everything realistic in our conversations. I truly respect and revere his efforts and performance. While I don’t doubt that other lawyers are capable of handling what I was going through, I don’t believe I would have found a better match in my case than with Bob. I cannot recommend him enough. Thank you, Bob, for your help in everything.”


Over $3,645,000,000 Value Created or Managed for Our Clients


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Real Estate

** These stats are approximations and based on a recent 18 month timespan

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