How An Auto Injury Claim “Looks”

Category: Auto Accidents

I know what you are thinking: Visions of mangled cars or crutches, casts and wheelchairs, maybe even from the flood of injury lawyer television ads, come to mind. But that is not what I am talking about. I have recently been developing a system to provide documents to people who are making an auto injury claim on their own–without a lawyer. To make sure I was accounting for various letters and forms they may need, I decided to make an outline of what the steps or issues may be that they will face. So, I quickly did a “mind map” of some of the basic steps and issues involved in an auto injury claim. This is what my first draft looked like, and how an injury claim can “look”:

Looks intimidating, doesn’t it? I do this for a living, and even I feel uncomfortable facing how many moving pieces are involved in most auto injury claims. Even worse, most of these categories have multiple sub-categories that are not yet accounted for, even without considering the strategic decision-making many steps require.

I’ve written three books, dozens of articles, and produced more than 40 videos answering some of the questions a person may have if they are handling an auto injury claim without a lawyer. In those articles, (you can see some of those here: [link]), I’ve done my best to answer those questions in clear, usable, terms. But, it still strikes me as odd that someone would subject themselves to the uncertainty, frustration, and even anger, they could avoid with professional help. This mind map exercise was a reminder, even to me, of how complex this really can get. Read more articles about auto injuries here.


Feel free to use the outline above to help navigate the process. Or, just click on this link to schedule a few minutes to just talk to me–truly free of charge and free of any obligation.