Domestic Violence and Orders of Protection

Domestic violence encompasses a number of crimes which include violence or threats of violence against individuals in domestic relationships. These include assault, threats and intimidation, trespass, endangering someone, interference with custody of children, kidnapping, trespass, and others.

If you want to protect yourself and others who are facing domestic violence, but are not in immediate danger, you can apply for an order of protection from the Superior Court or Justice Court.

If there is already a case pending in the Superior Court, you need to file the papers there. We can help you.

The order of protection comes from a Judge and is intended to help prevent additional acts of domestic violence by letting you seek help from the police. Such an order is valid for one year, although they are renewable. Even if you have an order of protection, i is not a guarantee of your safety. You should always be alert and careful and take steps to protect yourself.

An order of protection is permitted when certain relationships exist. Examples of the types of relationships include:

    • A spouse or former spouse
    • Your current or former roommate of the opposite sex
    • The parent of your living or unborn child
    • A relative by blood or marriage.

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