When Pulled Over in New Mexico…ALWAYS Ask for a Court Date

Categories: Personal Law , Traffic

We Know New Mexico.When traveling in New Mexico have you ever been pulled over by an officer for speeding or another motor vehicle infraction? If so you are not alone. I have worked as an attorney in the traffic side of Legal Shield Access to Justice for the last 16 years. Now I can share some tips that you may find helpful while traveling through NM:

  1. If  you get pulled over always address the officer respectfully and calmly i.e.-Good afternoon Officer.
  2. The officer may ask you if you know why they pulled you over. Do not admit that you were speeding or anything else. Ask the officer to please tell you why they pulled you over.
  3. Do not argue with the officer at the scene.
  4. If the officer asks you whether you want to pay the ticket or get a court date ALWAYS ask for a court date instead of agreeing to pay the ticket. Paying the ticket is the same as pleading guilty and you do not want to do that even if you think you are guilty and even if you are traveling from out of state and do not actually want to go to court.
  5. After you get your ticket (if you are a LegalShield member…use your Legal Shield membership to call your provider law firm. We will help you and guide you on what to do to have a good chance to keep this ticket off your record if possible and negotiate the best agreement under the circumstances.

Most important thing to remember: always ask for a court date.