Ties that Bind – Contracts are Central to Almost Everything

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When you drove to work today you were basically exercising a privilege granted by your state. A privilege that can be taken away by law if certain terms aren’t met – in essence a contract with the state. What you ate was likely representative of the outcome of myriad contracts between growers, buyers and distributors or, perhaps breeders and shippers and sellers and buyers, all in compliance with regulations which in essence, are contracts too.

Did you go to a building? Did you use your device? Think of all the contracts it took to create your building: from the land use to the purchase to the sale to the construction agreements and sub agreements – to the insurance policies… and on and on. And your device? How many contracts to get that built? You as a user: How many apps did you accept today and how many contracts did you agree to yesterday simply by downloading something?

Life in 2021 revolves around contracts. That is why having a lawyer in your corner is so vital. From the moment you create your own company; or will; or estate plan; or consulting contract;…until the moment you are in dispute with your insurance company; your customer; employee(r); former business partner – or a former spouse or a family member(s);…words matter. The contract matters. Understanding the law is vital. Documenting things correctly is imperative, as is understanding all the meaning behind that documentation.

Our approach to contracts is to make them understandable, effective, and enforceable, and to interpret them for our clients so they can protect and defend their interests. Life is contractual. Live accordingly.   Watch the related podcast here: