Is Filing for Bankruptcy Right for You?

Is filing a bankruptcy in Arizona the right decision for you? Our experienced Bankruptcy attorneys can help you decide what is right for you.

Put an end to those annoying phone calls and letters from your creditors!

A bankruptcy in Arizona can stop your creditors from calling you at all hours of the day and prevent them from sending those letters threatening to sue you. The day you file your Bankruptcy case in Arizona, the Bankruptcy Court will prevent your creditors from these daily annoyances and threats.

Do you have trouble just paying the minimum payments on your credit card bills? Does your debt seem insurmountable? Did a medical crisis leave you with outrageous medical bills? Does a garnishment take so much of your paycheck that you have very little money left to pay your monthly bills? Did your adjustable rate mortgage recently reset and leave you with a mortgage payment that is so far out of your ability to pay that you are now worried about losing your home? Do you face losing your home in foreclosure?

These problems can increase your stress while ruining the quality of your life. However, a bankruptcy filed in the Arizona Bankruptcy Court can help to remove many of these stressful problems from your life. Letting you finally get a restful night’s sleep without having to worry about where the money to pay your bills or mortgage is going to come from.

Our experienced Arizona bankruptcy lawyers know the ins and outs of both Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Arizona. However, our main goal is get you out of your stressful situation. If a bankruptcy in Arizona is not the answer, our experienced bankruptcy attorneys will help you with other solutions.

A bankruptcy in Arizona is still possible, even with the new laws. In fact, our experienced Arizona bankruptcy department has filed many cases since the Bankruptcy laws changed.

Under the old Bankruptcy laws, many people were able to file for Bankruptcy without the help of an attorney. However, the recent changes to the Bankruptcy laws have made it much more difficult for people to file for Bankruptcy in Arizona, without the help of an experienced Arizona bankruptcy attorney.

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Arizona can help you wipe out all, or most, of your debts, while being able to keep your home, car, and other necessary assets.

Debtors who are engaged in business, including corporations, partnerships, and sole proprietorships, may prefer to remain in business and avoid liquidation. Such debtors should consider filing a petition under chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code. Under chapter 11, the debtor may seek an adjustment of debts, either by reducing the debt or by extending the time for repayment, or may seek a more comprehensive reorganization. However, the court may dismiss a chapter 7 case filed by an individual whose debts are primarily consumer rather than business debts if the court finds that the granting of relief would be an abuse of chapter 7. 11 U.S.C. § 707(b).

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Arizona allows you to payback certain debts – like arrearages on your mortgage, back child support, or back taxes – over a period of three to five years. Individual debtors who have regular income may seek an adjustment of debts under chapter 13 of the Bankruptcy Code. A particular advantage of chapter 13 is that it provides individual debtors with an opportunity to save their homes from foreclosure by allowing them to “catch up” past due payments through a payment plan. Sole proprietorships may also be eligible for relief under chapter 13 of the Bankruptcy Code.

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