Eating the Fine Life Way

 | Fine LIfe, Nutrition

Simple concepts to help us eat better Nutrition Most of my life, I have consumed the traditional American diet, with the Arizona twist of a good dose of Mexican food. And, like with many of us, that eventually caught up

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Losing Weight Matters

Kevin Fine |  | Fine LIfe

If you are not living under a rock (if you are, you may not have this global problem), you are aware that about 70% of us here in the United States are either overweight or obese. Statistically, it is likely

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Strengthening Your Negotiating Position

Scott Gibson |  | Litigation

Everyone negotiates. Let me rephrase that. Everyone negotiates every day. Parents negotiate to convince toddlers to eat their “mmm, yummy, good” chicken nuggets. Teenagers negotiate for a later curfew or for expanded car privileges. Spouses negotiate to determine who will pick

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