Will Preparation Clinics for PPL Members

Pre-Paid Legal Will Clinics at Davis Miles, PLLC

Wednesdays, October 22 and November 19, 2008    6:00 pm to 7:30 pm
560 West Brown Road, 3rd Floor,  Mesa, AZ  85201

You will need to register by calling Davis Miles. 480-344-4072.
$10 Per Person Registration fee, will be refunded at clinic.
Due to the nature of this event, attendance is limited to 30.
Please RSVP by October 15th.

Light refreshments will be served.

The purposes of this clinic are:

1)  Help PPL members complete their Will Questionnaire so Davis Miles can prepare their Will, Living Will, Medical Power of Attorney, and Durable General (Financial) Power of Attorney.

2)  Give PPL members an opportunity to learn about Living Trusts and schedule a time to meet with an attorney to see about preparing a trust for them.

Clinic attendees should fill out the Will Questionnaire in advance.  If you have questions about sections of the questionnaire, leave those sections blank and we will answer your questions at the Clinic.  You received a Will Questionnaire in your new member packet from PPL.  If you need to, you can go to the PPL website to download or print one.  You can also call Customer Care in Oklahoma (800-654-7757)

Attorneys from the Firm will do a half-hour presentation about Estate Planning and Wills and Trusts.  After the presentation, we will spend the next hour answering questions and helping you finish up your Will Questionnaire so we can prepare your Estate Planning documents.

You will also have a chance at the Clinic to ask questions about preparing a Trust.  If you want and need a Trust, we will discuss how that falls under your Preferred Member Discount benefits, and we will schedule an appointment for you to meet with one of the attorneys in our Estate Planning section of the firm. Those who schedule such an appointment at the clinic will be given $100 off the already discounted PPL rate.

We look forward to seeing you at this event!

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Help For Those With Troubled Mortgages
Financial Realities of Divorce
Will Preparation Clinics for PPL Members
Express LLC
Bicycle Injury Accidents
Message From the Partners Help For Those With Troubled Mortgages
Pre-Paid Answers the Call for Help from its Members
by Charles E. Davis

Maybe the sky wasn’t falling for Chicken Little, but for a lot of people in America today, it feels like it is.  The real estate and mortgage crises continue to affect hundreds of thousands of people across this great land.  To assist our Pre-Paid members, Davis Miles has set up a special section just to handle mortgage work-outs and foreclosures for Pre-Paid Legal members.


Free Legal Seminar Financial Realities of Divorce
Robert L. Hahn

How quickly can a divorce be completed? Won’t the judge just decide what is fair? What if I don’t know where my spouse lives? What about taxes and Social Security? How bad can divorce be, really, and how much does it cost?   Experienced Family Law attorney, Robert Hahn, will be addressing these issues and many more in his seminar on October 8th. Call 480-344-4072 to reserve your space. 


Wills Clinics Will Preparation Clinics for PPL Members
Wednesdays, October 22 and November 19, 2008  6:00 pm to 7:30 pm

Register by calling Davis Miles. 480-344-4072.  $10 Per Person Registration fee, will be refunded at clinic.   Please bring your COMPLETED or SEMI-COMPLETED Will Questionnaire to the Clinic.  We will answer your questions that evening.


Special Offer Express LLC
We are offering a Special Discount on our legal services for the formation of a limited liability company (“LLC”).

Our normal price for an uncomplicated LLC is $1200, and our Pre-Paid Legal members enjoy a discounted rate of $900 for these services.  However, for a limited time only, if you call to schedule an appointment for our Express LLC Service we will reduce our price to $495*.


Personal Injury Update Bicycle Injury Accidents
by Kevin P. Fine

With rising gas prices and the “cooler” months approaching, more people than ever are turning to their bicycles as a main form of transportation.  Others continue to ride for recreation and exercise.  Unfortunately, bikes share the roadway with other vehicles that are bigger and faster than they are.  This leads to some dangerous encounters for the cyclists.


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