Why Use Your Pre-Paid Legal Benefits; Personal Injury 24-Hour Hotline: (480) 254-2251; Attorney Spotlight; Success Story
Tuesday, May 19, 2009 Issue 2   VOLUME 2 ISSUE 3   In This Issue Why Use Your Pre-Paid Legal Benefits
Personal Injury 24-Hour Hotline: (480) 254-2251
Attorney Spotlight
Success Story
Quotes From Members “Thank you so much for your advice on my land transaction.  Everything worked out as I hoped. ***Your assistance was very helpful and greatly appreciated.  Thanks again.” “I just finished speaking [with a Pre-Paid Legal attorney] on a very complicated matter that has been of great concern ***after speaking to the attorney on the phone, I could feel relief settling all over my nerves.  His ‘on the spot’ knowledge of our needs and his communication skills were absolutely remarkable.  Just wanted to say thanks for making the complicated so simple today! "
Recent Settlements Obtained
1) Wrongful death-$600,000
2) Soft tissue (back)-$4,600
3) Soft tissue (back, neck)-$15,000
4) Soft tissue (back)-$10,000
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  Why Use Your Pre-Paid Legal Benefits
by Charles E. Davis

  Why should you use your Pre-Paid Legal membership, and make sure all of your friends and family are members of Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.?   Here are just a few of the things I did for Pre-Paid Legal members last week:  

  1. Assigned one of my personal injury lawyers to help a member in the hospital being harassed by an unethical insurance agent. The member was told he had to settle a personal injury claim for far less than it was worth. Now the insurance company has to deal with us.
  2. Assisted a lady whose neighbor wanted to force her to pay for part of his new fence. Guess who now has to pay for the whole fence? Not our member.
  3. Kept a lady, who was starting a new Internet business, from unwittingly committing a felony in a number of States.
  4. Assisted a man starting a business to choose the right business entity from among the common choices: sole proprietorship, corporation, limited liability company, proprietorship, partnership, limited partnership; and I was able to offer him the Pre-Paid Legal referral discount for forming his choice of entity.
  5. Directed a young mother to our domestic relations lawyers to help her with a custody battle.
  6. Gave a young woman advice on what to do about sexual harassment occurring at work.
  7. Advised a business man in trouble with creditors what his options were and what his next steps should be to avoid personal liability for the debts of his company.
  8. Discussed tax strategies with a couple who suddenly found they owned property worth millions of dollars. There are ways to significantly reduce the tax bite, legally, and we explored those. I then referred them to a Davis Miles’ attorney, at the 25% discounted rate, to assist them on the sale of the property.
  9. Assisted a man who was experiencing racial discrimination on the purchase of a home.
  10. Discussed with members their estate plan and, based on what they  told me, told them why a living trust was far better for them than a will (hint: they could avoid the expense and public exposure of probate) and referred them to one of our lawyers who is an expert in trusts, to prepare their trust and related documents at the substantial Pre-Paid Legal discount price.
  11. Assisted a person who was seriously injured in an automobile accident get to an expert in personal injury cases with the assurance they would receive the Pre-Paid Legal 25% discount on fees.

These are only some of the things I did last week for members. It is a fraction of the things the lawyers at Davis Miles have the privilege of doing for their Pre-Paid Legal members every day.   And here are some of the things members told me during calls:   “My son sold me this (Pre-Paid Legal membership), and I was skeptical at first. I wasn’t sure I’d get quality legal services. But this is some of the best legal advice I’ve every received. And so quickly. Thank you.” New Member   “Thank you so much. Now I know what to do to protect myself.” Member experiencing sexual harassment   “I had no idea I could save so much in taxes. I’ve had this membership for years and never used it before. But whatever I’ve paid over the years it has all been worth it just for the advice I received today.” Long Time Member   Use your benefits and tell your friends and family about Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. In our complex world, no one can afford to be without access to a lawyer.   Warmest Regards,   Charlie Davis
[PRINTER FRIENDLY VERSION] Personal Injury 24-Hour Hotline: (480) 254-2251
Three More Things To Remember When In An Automobile Accident
by Daniel J. Marco

This month’s personal injury tip explains the three normal sources of recovery in a personal injury action. These sources of recovery are: 1)    the at-fault drivers insurance; 2) your own Uninsured/Underinsured policy of insurance; and, 3) the personal assets of the at-fault driver.   The first is automotive “liability” insurance. The minimum amount of liability insurance an Arizona citizen must carry, to legally operate a motor vehicle, is “15/30”. This means that the most the insurance company will pay is $15,000 per person and $30,000 total per accident, no matter how many people are injured and no matter how badly they were injured. Many insurance policies have much higher “limits” than 15/30 but that is the minimum amount a driver must have in Arizona.   The second source of funds is also in the form of auto insurance and is called uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage (UM/UIM). Uninsured or underinsured motorist insurance is a type of insurance you may purchase with your own automobile liability policy, but it is not required. It insures you against a driver who carries no insurance or carries too little to compensate you for your damages. It is important to understand that if you do make a claim on your underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage, Arizona law prohibits the insurance company from raising your rates as long as you are less than 50% at fault for the accident.   The third potential source of recovery is the other vehicle’s driver and/or the vehicle owner’s personal assets. Often, the attachable assets are minimal, and this avenue makes little sense to pursue. It is usually true that someone with a lot of assets will carry enough insurance to protect those assets. Thus, someone with 15/30 insurance probably does not have very much in the way of personal, attachable assets to help you receive compensation. There are other avenues of recovery in certain limited situations. Rest assured, DAVIS MILES will explore all avenues of relief for you before recommending settlement.   CALL DAVIS MILES, your Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. provider law firm, even from the scene of the accident — our 24-hour injury hotline is available to you ANY TIME DAY OR NIGHT:  (480) 254-2251. The earlier you are represented in a case, the better opportunity we have of ensuring that you are justly compensated.
by Karl A. Mueller

Last year I joined the firm of Davis Miles, and began handling criminal matters.  I began trying criminal cases over 10 years ago while I was still a law student working for the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office. I went to law school in California and Montana. I am experienced in both metropolitan and rural courtrooms, and licensed in the States of Arizona, California, and Montana.    After I exceeded 100 jury trials, I stopped counting the number I completed. Besides handling all types of misdemeanor and felony matters, I have also had the opportunity to gain specialized experience in appeals and habeas corpus proceedings with the Los Angles District Attorney’s Office, and I spent over five years prosecuting major crimes with Maricopa County Attorney’s Office handling vehicular homicide cases. While the majority of my career has been in criminal law, I have also spent time handling personal injury, wrongful death and family law cases.   I have had extensive specialized training, including collision investigation and reconstruction. I have participated in countless on-scene homicide and serious injury investigations. I have completed both HGN (horizontal gaze nystagmus) school and DRE (driving recognition exam) school and have been invited to teach as an instructor in both programs. The estimated number of DUI (driving under the influence) cases I have played a part in handling reach the thousands.   I have been called upon to offer expert opinion in civil matters on the prosecution of DUI cases and I was asked by the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office to re-write both the DUI and Vehicular Homicide jury instructions. 
Carrie Cole (Davis Miles, PLLC attorney) – I have a client (with coverage under Title III of her Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. plan) who had a complicated civil contract matter.  We spent many hours working on it, mostly covered by her Title III hours as a member, but due to the nature of the case, some of the time had to be billed.  Not only did we win at trial, we were awarded attorney’s fees.  The client will be out-of-pocket absolutely nothing for any of the work, and got a judgment in her favor!