Written by: PPL Supervising Attorney, Ron Jones

You’ve all heard the saying, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” Because the attorneys in the Davis Miles PPL Department handle so many calls over a period of time (about 4,500 per year for each attorney, on average) we become aware of the many scams and scammers that attempt to trick people out of their money. We also are on the forefront of seeing what the newest schemes are for scamming unsuspecting people. Here are some recent scams we have heard of or taken calls about:

  • The caller says you won the lottery or a sweepstakes, and just needs you to give some personal information to verify your identity so they can send you the money.
  • The caller says you missed appearing for jury duty and if you don’t give personal information so they can excuse the error, you will be charged with a crime and possibly thrown in jail.
  • The caller says you must pay them to send you documents proving you own your house, otherwise you face criminal penalties.
  • The caller says they are from a payday loan company and you owe them money. If you don’t pay immediately, you will face collection efforts, damage to your credit record, and criminal penalties. They ask for your bank account information so they can process a payment.
  • You receive a cashier’s check in the mail, with instructions to deposit it into your account and forward part of it to another account. The cashier’s check will bounce after you have sent money to someone else.
  • There are many other schemes and scams that are not listed here.

All of these can either come to you by phone or through email. Because you have PPL, you can easily call and talk to an attorney before getting tricked. One tactic is for the scammers to pressure you to act right then. All you have to say is, “Let me talk to my attorney first. Can I have your name and number so I can call you back later?” Then call Davis Miles. Chances are, they won’t give you their name and number in the first place. Even if they do, call Davis Miles and let us discuss the matter with you. We have had PPL members who called before they did something, and were very glad they avoided a scam. Unfortunately, we have also had PPL members who called us after they had lost money to a scammer. Don’t get caught! Call Davis Miles first.