Legalshield Arizona Award webLegalShield, the leading provider of pre-paid legal services, recently honored law firms and attorneys with awards for superior performance and customer service.

LegalShield is the original disrupter in the legal services industry—offering legal services at an affordable price by creating a community of over 1.5 million members and matching them with a responsive and accountable law firm. LegalShield and its provider law firms have the industry’s highest standard of service and satisfaction. It is the only legal services provider that holds its firms and attorneys directly accountable through member surveys, ratings and feedback. After every interaction with a LegalShield lawyer, members are asked to rate their experience, which generates a Net Promoter Score (NPS). The average NPS for LegalShield is 55, putting the company on par with brands like Apple and Nike.

“Results-driven, hard-working, customer-focused law firms and lawyers provide the foundation by which we pursue equal access to equal justice for every North American,” said Jeff Bell, CEO of LegalShield. “We have 44 years of experience in the sharing economy to allow all citizens to live freely under the law.”

This year, LegalShield honored attorneys and law firms in the following categories:

  • Administrator of the Year: The administrator oversees all of the front line staff and works very closely with the supervising attorney, managing attorney and LegalShield’s Provider Services to monitor and ensure the timely completion of each and every intake and member. The recipient portrays the utmost professional and quality service.
  • Award of Excellence: This is the most prestigious annual award. It considers money saved and collected per capita, NPS and compliance to produce a cumulative score for 2015. One large and one small law firm that have the best overall performance across all award categories receive this award.
  • Emergency Access Attorney of the Year: LegalShield members are guaranteed 24/7 access to legal services, which is critical to LegalShield’s ability to truly protect its members. The award recipient is chosen by LegalShield’s Member Services Department for their constant dedication to doing whatever it takes to help those facing a legal emergency—any time day or night.
  • Making a Difference Award: These winners are the top performing attorneys from each state that maintained an above average NPS of 58 or higher and received 100 or more feedback surveys.
  • Member’s Choice Award: To ensure member satisfaction and quality, LegalShield members are surveyed after every interaction with a lawyer and rate their experience using an NPS. The average NPS for LegalShield providers is 55. Law firms that maintained the highest NPS receive this honor.
  • Outstanding Service Award: This award defines exceptional quality service. The recipients consistently receive excellent monthly reports in all areas of performance and quality and meet all service standards.
  • Rain Maker Award: The law firms that saved and collected the most money per capita for their members receive this award. LegalShield’s providers saved members $19 million in 2015.
  • Supervising Attorney of the Year: Supervising attorneys are committed to leading a team to accomplish one goal—excellent service to LegalShield members. The award recipient is selected by LegalShield’s Provider Services based on their superior leadership skills and individual performance within their firm, as well as their performance with LegalShield and our members.

“Our unique relationship with our attorney network ensures the utmost quality for our members,” said Bell. “We’re proud to acknowledge our outstanding law firms and attorneys this year, and every year, for the exceptional work they do.”

Davis Miles McGuire Gardner received awards in both Arizona and New Mexico.

Davis Miles McGuire Gardner, PLLC
Award: Award of Excellence; Supervising Attorney of the Year (Tami Hugo); Outstanding Service – 2nd Place; Making A Difference (Charles Wyman, Lanette Hanna)

New Mexico:
Davis Miles McGuire Gardner, PLLC
Award: Award of Excellence; Supervising Attorney of the Year (Tami Hugo); Outstanding Service – 2nd Place; Making A Difference (Charles Wyman, Lanette Hanna)

A full list of award winners is included below. For more information about a specific award or winner, contact Suraya Bliss at 580-665-9113 or surayabliss(at)legalshieldcorp(dot)com.

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