Personal InjuryJust the other day I had a client ask me why the opposing insurance company was willing to spend time and money litigating her auto injury case instead of simply paying a more reasonable amount.  “Doesn’t the cost of doing that bother them?” she asked.  Well, no—it doesn’t. This morning, I saw in the New York Times that Ace Insurance is buying Chubb insurance for $28.3 Billion dollars. I watch CNBC sometimes while stuck on a treadmill at the gym (although I don’t usually fully grasp what they are talking about), and even the Google and Facebook deals that get all the attention are smaller than that.  I have been helping my clients make insurance claims for 22 years, and don’t remember ever dealing with Ace. I have handled claims against Chubb a few times, but they are not one of the regulars.  If these lesser known, at least in Arizona, companies are worth this much, it makes me wonder what the big players are worth! So, these companies are likely not concerned about what it costs them to offer low, and fight in court if the claimant doesn’t cave. Their attorneys have told me so.  If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact Attorney Kevin Fine with Davis Miles McGuire Gardner at (480) 733-6800 or via email