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**Davis Miles, PLLC New Mexico Title 1 Attorneys have helped New Mexico Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. members collect over $18,300 in the month of October. Additionaly, Davis Miles, PLLC Arizona Title 1 Attorneys have helped Arizona Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. members collect or save over $14,000 in the month of October. We appreciate being able to help our Pre-Paid Legal Service, Inc. members!**

from Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. Members

I would like to comment on the great service I received from my Provider Law Firm here in New Mexico. I was contacted by a mortgage company who pre-approved me for a loan 5 months ago. I never took out that loan. They told me that since I never did business with them, they needed to collect $18 for processing my application. That didn’t sound right to me, so I contacted my law firm. I was immediately impressed because I was able to talk to my attorney as soon as I called. The attorney spent about 10 minutes on the phone with me discussing the situation, the laws involved, and possible courses of action. He gave me some key things to relay to the mortgage company and told me if that didn’t get their attention that he would write them a letter. Well, as soon as I relayed the information, the mortgage company dropped it and the whole situation was solved! It’s great to know I can call my attorneys anytime! Thank you for the great value provided.

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by Daniel J. Marco, Managing Attorney

I remember Thanksgiving when I was a kid, many years ago.  My mother made a full Thanksgiving banquet and family from around the state of Ohio would gather at our house (because we had the biggest table) and we would meet for a turkey and gravy gastric festival.  Back then, I enjoyed Thanksgiving, not for what it represented, but for what it gave me – a full belly and a full day of football on the telly. 
I also remember that before we ate, my father asked everyone at the table to talk about one thing we were thankful for.  I remember dreading my turn because, despite the fact that I was sitting at a table brimming with food and that I lived in a country that provided interminable peace and tranquility, I could never think of anything to say. Usually I would mention family or friends but there was no sincerity to it, I was just saying something, anything, to get past my turn.
But now I have reached middle age, or at least I hope it is just the middle, and I understand a few things.  That little boy, confused about how to be thankful for things that just were, has passed. 
Now I have a new perspective on Thanksgiving and what it means to be thankful.  Over the course of these many years, I have lost things I took for granted:  my grandparents, some friends and even my favorite pets.  And from those experiences, this I have learned:
Thanksgiving is not about me, the food, football or TV.  It is a day set aside to look about and for once really see all that surrounds me.  A beautiful wife, three children, my dogs, the birds, a blue sky, the warmth of the sun and even a saguaro cactus; all these things come together to form the real Thanksgiving Day feast. It is not the turkey and the stuffing; the present is the main course and my memories the dessert.   
Included in my colloquy of thanks this year is every single member of Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.  Because of you, I have a nice place to work, a place to help and a place to help people heal.  Thank you for your phone calls, your letters and your emotional and financial support.
From all of us at Davis Miles, PLLC: thank you for letting us help you.  Happy Thanksgiving!  

by Lauri Reijonen, Attorney

When you have an accident that was not your fault, call the Personal Injury Hotline (480) 254-2251 to speak to an experienced personal injury attorney.  You should not have to worry about medical liens and bills when you are in pain.  Let your Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. provider firm, Davis Miles, PLLC, fight for your rights so that you can concentrate solely on recovering from your injuries.
Unrepresented accident victims are often surprised to discover that the personal injury settlement they thought would go in their pocket is reduced by medical liens and other third party claims.  Your Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. provider firm, Davis Miles, PLLC, will resolve your lien issues as part of your personal injury case so that you don’t have to worry about being taken advantage of.  Don’t be a victim twice.  Call the PI Hotline for Advice! (480) 254-2251
If you have health insurance, always insist that the medical providers use it because that can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars.  

  1. Certain health insurance plans are entitled to reimbursement for the money they have paid for your medical treatments.  If you work for a large company it might be funding the health insurance plan from its own company assets (ERISA Plan) and will thus be entitled to its money back.  However, we often successfully negotiate reductions, putting more money in your pocket. 
  2. AHCCCS, Medicare and Medicaid are also entitled to their money back. However, they may agree to a reduction based on attorney fees, and again, you get the money.
  3. Tricare is a health insurance covering military personnel and their dependants.  They may also accept a reduced amount depending on the facts of the case.

Medical providers, such as hospitals, ambulance services, medical doctors, chiropractors and others can file a lien even if your health insurance has already paid the contractual rate.  These liens must be properly filed with the county recorder’s office.  Often the medical lien holder accepts a reduction and under certain circumstances we are even able to get them to waive the entire claim. 
If you have been in an accident and receive a lien notice from one of your medical providers, they most likely are entitled to a payment from the settlement.  However, we can often reduce those liens and will verify them for you because our job is to maximize your recovery.  That is another reason you should call the PI Hotline immediately after an accident so that we can protect your rights at a Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. discounted rate.  If you don’t call, we can’t help you!  Don’t be a victim twice.  Call the PI Hotline for advice (480) 254-2251.