by Charles B. Sellers

Most of us understand that in the legal world, doing things the right way gives us an opportunity to be heard, but usually not more than once by the judge.

The law firm of Davis Miles McGuire Gardner (“DMMG”) recently was hired by a property owner whose property was condemned by the state of Arizona so that the state could build a new portion of an Arizona highway.

The property owner originally attempted to represent himself and plead his case before the judge concerning how much money he should be entitled to for the taking of his land by the state. Prior to this law firm’s involvement, the judge ruled that there were six different people that should receive a portion of the condemnation funds.

Only after the court entered an order directing the funds to be distributed between all six different parties did our client contact DMMG to protect his legal rights and seek the proper distribution of funds in this condemnation case.

Within only a couple of days of the client contacting this law firm, we filed several motions with the judge seeking a new trial, reconsideration of the prior ruling, and an order from the judge freezing the distribution of any funds to the six parties until a full determination was given on our newly filed motions.

After reviewing our motions, the judge agreed to hear oral argument and receive evidence to confirm the equitable distribution of the funds. As a result of the evidence and legal arguments presented by this law firm, rather than receiving 1/6 of the distribution, the judge ordered that our client receive 100% of the condemnation funds paid by the state!

This is a great example of the benefit competent legal counsel can have in aiding you during the perilous times of trying to resolve a legal issue.

The law firm of Davis Miles McGuire Gardner has competent and skilled attorneys in various areas of the law. If you are facing a legal question and don’t know the answer, I encourage you to contact Davis Miles McGuire Gardner today at (480) 733-6800 or to speak with one of our attorneys, because you never know if you’ll get a second bite at the apple.