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Insurance Dispute

Insurance companies have a responsibility (the law calls it a “duty”) to deal fairly and in good faith with their policy holders in accepting, processing, and paying insurance claims.  The duty is essentially to be honest and fair with the policy holder.  When an insurance company fails to deal fairly and in good faith with a policy holder, the insurance company commits what the law refers to as “bad faith” and the policy holder has the right to take legal action to enforce the policy provisions or to be compensated for the bad faith. 


If your insurance company has wrongfully denied a claim or insurance benefit or has denied coverage for a loss, you may have a remedy under the law.  In order to determine whether you have coverage for the loss or have been wrongfully or unfairly denied the benefit, you need the assistance of an attorney with experience and expertise in insurance disputes.  The attorney will assist in evaluating the insurance claim and, in many cases, in locating and retaining experts in the field of insurance to support your claim. 


If you have an insurance dispute, please contact us so we can help you find out whether you have coverage and whether you are being provided the insurance benefit you deserve.  If your company is not dealing fairly and in good faith with you, we can assist in protecting your rights and enforcing the policy provisions through legal action.