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Davis Miles/LegalShield Statistics 2012 for Arizona


These statistics involve legal matters for Arizona LegalShield members in 2012. They were provided primarily through the Davis Miles LegalShield Department, but a few, as mentioned near the end, are from the traditional section of the firm:

  1. Davis Miles helped Arizona LegalShield members with legal matters just over 60,000 times (intakes).  35,000 new intakes (legal matters) were opened up. Some legal matters are reopened in the same year, and some carry over from prior years, thus the number of 60,000 intakes total, and 35,000 new intakes.
  2. Davis Miles sent approximately 4,200 demand letters to opposing parties on behalf of Arizona LegalShield members in 2012. In the legal industry, demand letters have a value of around $500. That’s a total value for demand letters in 2012 to LegalShield members of approximately $2.1 million.
  3. The legal services for intakes usually average about $260 per intake (some higher, some lower). Davis Miles subtracted out the 4,200 letters (above) from the 35,000 new intakes. That leaves about 30,800 legal matters that did not involve a letter. The value of 30,800 times $260 is $8.0 million in legal services rendered to LegalShield members for the telephone consultation services, documents reviewed, and research done.
  4. Davis Miles prepared approximately 1,300 Wills (Will, Medical Power of Attorney, and Financial Power of Attorney) for LegalShield members. The retail value of those documents averages about $400 each, which totals $520,000.
  5. As much as possible, Davis Miles tracks the amount of money saved or recovered for LegalShield members through attorney advice or letters to opposing parties.  For 2012, the number was $1,177,217.  Davis Miles is aware that there are many success stories with dollars saved/recovered that are not reported to us.
  6. Davis Miles provided about $237,000 in free legal services for traffic representation around the state (DMMG attorneys attended over 200 court hearings for those traffic cases). In addition, Davis Miles estimated about $75,000 in fines that were dismissed because of Davis Miles legal representation and an estimated $166,000 in savings from insurance premiums that did not increase because the traffic citation was dismissed.
  7. Davis Miles provided about $33,000 in Civil Trial Defense fees. That involved hours of representation by a traditional attorney which members did not have to pay for because of their LegalShield benefits.
  8. Davis Miles gave discounts of 25% (Preferred Member Discounts) for work done by in-house traditional attorneys totaling approximately $545,000. That is the difference in value of legal services between what the LegalShield members paid for a traditional attorney at Davis Miles, and what they would have paid without the discount.

By combining the numbers above  the total value of benefits delivered to LegalShield members by Davis Miles in 2012 is over $12.8 million. This does not take into account any savings from discounts paid to attorneys outside of Davis Miles. 

In addition, Davis Miles processed about 6,400 referrals where we referred a legal matter to another attorney or law firm to handle.  That includes about 2,500 out-of-state referrals (39% of total) sent to other provider law firms or other referral attorneys because the legal matter involved the law of another state. About 2,300 of the 6,400 referrals (36% of the total) were referred to Davis Miles traditional attorneys under the 25% discount benefit in the member’s legal plan.