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What is a “Pain and Suffering” claim?

While it is difficult to determine how much "pain and suffering" costs an individual, an Arizona personal injury attorney can help.
Many of the losses associated with an accident and injuries do not have a price tag. These are reflected in the temporary or long term alterations in your quality of life due to injuries. For example, daily chores like lifting the laundry or pushing a lawn mower may become painful or even impossible. Hobbies like running, camping, or even sitting in a movie may be put on hold. Playing with your children can be rendered a painful experience. Intimacy between spouses can be adversely affected. Driving may cause fear and may be directly restricted from neck immobility. Such consequences are real and significant. They are considered losses caused by the accident and should be compensated in monetary terms. However, there is no price tag hanging neatly from each of these items. Insurance companies will naturally try to pay as little as possible for each element of the claim– especially the non-economic damages because they are open to wide interpretation. Determining how much the insurance company should compensate you for these losses, and then getting them to pay it, is often the most difficult part of a claim and the one in which an Arizona personal injury and car accident attorney can be of greatest value to you.