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2-Sep-13 Social Security Benefits After Divorce 30-Aug-13 DUI Test Results and Scottsdale Crime Lab 29-Aug-13 Common questions about Trusts Answered 29-Aug-13 Considering Bankruptcy? Talk with a Bankruptcy Attorney Now, Before an Improving Economy Limits Your Bankruptcy Rights 29-Aug-13 Hope Springs for Loan Modifications 27-Aug-13 Making Money From Real Estate 14-Aug-13 Truth: Washington Is A Cesspool. Fiction: The Problem Is Not Fixable 6-Aug-13 Weathering Divorce 3-Aug-13 Child Protective Services and Parental Rights Termination Issues 3-Aug-13 Overwhelmed by Credit Card Debt? 1-Aug-13 Arizona Self-Defense and The Truth About Stand Your Ground 18-Jul-13 Strategies to Restore Your Credit Seminar 17-Jul-13 Eight of Ten Fatal Mistakes That Business Owners Make 8-Jul-13 Credit Restoration Seminar Series 27-Jun-13 Who Needs A Trust? 26-Jun-13 The Uniqueness of America 25-Jun-13 Procedures to Follow in Case of Police Questioning 24-Jun-13 Davis Miles Client Thanks Attorney Williams 24-Jun-13 New Obligations For Trustee Sales May Effect Neighborhood Real Estate Values 21-Jun-13 NATC Seminars 14-Jun-13 Real Estate Practice Group’s FREE Seminar Series 6-Jun-13 Documents You Need NOW Before It Is Too Late 3-Jun-13 Disclosure Checklist 3-Jun-13 Eviction Actions Manual 1-Jun-13 Davis Miles/LegalShield Statistics 2012 for Arizona 31-May-13 How To Quickly Restore Credit Following A Short Sale or Foreclosure 30-May-13 A How To Guide: Helping Arizona Landlords Protect Their Interest in Interest 30-May-13 Arizona Divorcee Lawyer Discusses Preparing For Trial 30-May-13 Forming Your Limited Liability Company (LLC) 30-May-13 Phoenix Divorce Lawyer Discusses What to Do When You Are Not Pleased With The Court’s Orders at the End of Trial 28-May-13 How To Minimize or Eliminate Tax Liability Regarding Mortgage Debt Forgiveness 23-May-13 Asset Protection 13-May-13 Constitution Under Fire- With Liberty Storm Host Shane Krauser 7-May-13 Boston Bombing Reopens the Miranda Debate 7-May-13 In Wake of Boston Tragedy, Right to Privacy At Risk 2-May-13 How to Survive ObamaCare ( The Affordable Care Act) 1-May-13 Arizona Divorce Attorney Discusses Temporary Orders 30-Apr-13 The Return of Specific Performance 30-Apr-13 ‘Tis the Season for HOA Annual Meetings! 25-Apr-13 Avoiding Real Estate Malpractice 25-Apr-13 Bankruptcy- Change is Coming Soon 25-Apr-13 Estate Planning Seminar 25-Apr-13 How to Earn Credits for Property Taxes by Properly Classifying Your Personal Residence 19-Apr-13 Evictions Manual 16-Apr-13 Asset Protection and Wealth Preservation 15-Apr-13 Estate Planning Seminar 5.9.13 8-Apr-13 Unemployment Compensation 2-Apr-13 When a Beneficiary Deed Can Cost More Than A Trust 1-Apr-13 Social Security Seminar 29-Mar-13 Alphabet Soup for Employers 28-Mar-13 How Bankruptcy Affects the Property You Might Receive After Filing 28-Mar-13 Why You Should Incorporate (or Organize) as a Business Entity 27-Mar-13 10 of 10 Fatal Mistakes That Business Owners Make 27-Mar-13 Have A Possible New Invention? – File For Patent Protection As Fast As You Can 27-Mar-13 Offers of Settlement – An Improved Litigation Weapon 25-Mar-13 QuickStart for QuickBooks 19-Mar-13 Commercial Evictions Surge! 18-Mar-13 Captive Insurance Seminar 1-Mar-13 Making Money Off of Real Estate 28-Feb-13 Into the Cloud 27-Feb-13 Child Support Issues After Divorce From An Arizona Divorce Lawyer 27-Feb-13 Davis Miles McGuire Gardner Sponsors Small Business Event for Women 27-Feb-13 Helping Business Owners Succeed 27-Feb-13 Making Money off of Real Estate: Investing in Rental Properties and Tax Liens 25-Feb-13 Mistake No. 9: Failure to Set Up Reasonable Restrictive Covenants 4-Feb-13 Comprehensive Immigration Reform 2-Feb-13 Eight of Ten Fatal Mistakes That Business Owners Make 1-Feb-13 6 Ways to Avoid the Most Serious Injury Claim Mistakes 1-Feb-13 Arizona Gun Rights 1-Feb-13 Comprehensive Immigration Reform 1-Feb-13 Employee Documentation, Discipline, & Discharge: Unemployment Compensation Costs 1-Feb-13 Immigration Compliance Seminar 1-Feb-13 Rules, Exceptions to Rules, and Exceptions to Exceptions in Arizona Divorce Statutes and Case Law 1-Feb-13 Too Small For Probate 21-Jan-13 Taxpayer Relief Act Highlights 18-Jan-13 Quick Reference Guide-HOA Open Meeting Law 14-Jan-13 The Mortgage Debt Relief Act 11-Jan-13 Mortgage Debt Relief Seminar 4-Jan-13 Mortage Debt Relief Act Extended 4-Jan-13 Seven out of Ten Fatal Mistakes that Business Owners Make 3-Jan-13 An Introduction to Restrictive Covenants 3-Jan-13 Finding The Right Attorney; Finding An Appropriately Balanced Attorney 11-Dec-12 Arizona Divorce Lawyer Says Goodbye to Custody 11-Dec-12 Asset Protection Woman Pioneer- Elizabeth Murray Campbell Smith 1-Dec-12 A Letter to Our Clients 1-Dec-12 Arizona’s New Family Law Changes 30-Nov-12 The Law on Turning Left 21-Nov-12 Arizona’s New Family Law Changes 25-Oct-12 Divorce Preparation- Part 2 10-Oct-12 Four of Ten Fatal Mistakes that Business Owners Make (And How to Avoid Them) 9-Oct-12 Caveat Venditor! 5-Oct-12 Immigration Program Update 5-Oct-12 What Happens To My Business When Contemplating Bankruptcy? 5-Oct-12 Your Duties and Responsibilities as Successor Trustee 26-Jun-12 Asset Protection Basics 26-Jun-12 The Federal Executive and Judiciary Take Small Steps Toward Much-Needed Comprehensive Immigration Reform: Congress, We Are All Waiting For You 24-Jun-12 Can I File Bankruptcy If I Am Behind On My House Payments? 22-Jun-12 Arizona Divorce Lawyer: Communication Issues During and After Divorces (For The Children’s Sake) 24-May-12 Arizona Divorce: What You Should Do If a Divorce Is Coming 6-May-12 Staying in Control: Plan Now for the Future 2-May-12 Davis Miles Loves Babies 2-May-12 When Do You Need A Patent? 1-May-12 Key Estate Planning Documents and What They Mean 19-Apr-12 Investor Beware 13-Apr-12 Tempe Arizona Attorney Discusses Parenting Plans In High Conflict Custody Cases 11-Apr-12 Short Sale Negotiation Services 4-Apr-12 Inside, Outside, Upside…..Overtime? 30-Mar-12 Introducing Todd Farkas 29-Mar-12 Insurance Not Mentioned at Trial 20-Mar-12 Court Of Appeals Issues New Ruling Regarding Anti-deficiency Statutes 2-Mar-12 A Change of Mind – "Cooling Off" Periods After a Contract is Signed 1-Mar-12 Call Before You Sign 1-Mar-12 Wills and Intestacy, Traps for the Unwary 29-Feb-12 Estate, Gift And GST Tax Rules – Now’s The Time To Plan! Increases On The Horizon 22-Feb-12 Arizona Divorce Lawyer Discusses Spousal Support in Arizona Divorce Cases 31-Jan-12 Potential Personal Injury Related to Ground Water Contamination at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina 27-Jan-12 Tempe Arizona Divorce Lawyer Discusses The Balance Between Preparing For Trial And Keeping Fees Down 25-Jan-12 Arizona Court of Appeals Issues New Decision Extending Consumer Protections of Anti-Deficiency Statute 18-Jan-12 Legal Alert Regarding FTC Mars Rule and Short Sales 17-Jan-12 Do I Need an Attorney to Help Negotiate My Short Sale? 28-Dec-11 IRS Rules Regarding Filing Jointly and Separately and Claiming Children For Deductions 28-Dec-11 YOUR FAMILY & THE LAW – New US Study: 1 in 3 Arrested by the Age of 23! 29-Nov-11 Financial, Tax, and Bankruptcy Implications for Child Support, Spousal Support, and Property Equalization Payments 28-Nov-11 Pre-Paid Legal Becomes LegalShield 21-Nov-11 Benefitting From LegalShield: Getting the MOST Out of Your Membership 21-Nov-11 The Foreclosure Mess: Actions and Defenses Available to Home Buyers 26-Oct-11 Balance Between Privacy Of Parents And Children’s Health and Safety 25-Oct-11 YOUR FAMILY & THE LAW – No Place For Kids: A New Study in Juvenile Incarceration 24-Oct-11 Special Alert for Employers 28-Sep-11 YOUR FAMILY & THE LAW: Do Children Have The Same Legal Rights As Adults? 20-Sep-11 Arizona Lawyer Discusses Importance of Detailed Parenting Plans for Custody Cases 1-Sep-11 Bankruptcy Primer: Meet With An Experienced Bankruptcy Attorney Sooner Rather Than Later 26-Aug-11 When Does Law Enforcement Pursue Fraud Claims? 26-Aug-11 YOUR FAMILY & THE LAW: Parenting by Police – Blurring the Lines of Authority 18-Aug-11 When Does Law Enforcement Pursue Fraud Claims? (New Mexico) 18-Aug-11 Who Claims a Dependent Child Exemption on Your Taxes if You and the Other Parent are Divorced, Separated, or Never Married? 8-Aug-11 The Immigration Reform and Control Act & YOUR Business 28-Jul-11 YOUR FAMILY & THE LAW: The Rule of School in your Child’s Life 19-Jul-11 Why Prenuptial Agreements? 12-Jul-11 Arizona Court of Appeals Rules on Child Support for Adult Children 29-Jun-11 Division of Retirement Accounts in Divorce Cases, and Converting Retirement Accounts to Cashflow 8-Jun-11 Changes to Child Support Guidelines in Arizona Effective June 1, 2011 1-Jun-11 All Fired Up About Fireworks 1-Jun-11 New Attorneys, and Offices Join Davis Miles from McGuire Gardner, PLLC 28-Apr-11 Timing Out – Arizona’s Changes To The Statute Of Limitation On Credit Card Debt 28-Apr-11 YOUR FAMILY & THE LAW: What Teens Must Know to Protect Their Legal Rights 24-Mar-11 Has a Home Loan Modification Left You in the Lurch? Why Chapter 13 Bankruptcy May Help You Keep Your Home and Even Reduce the Amount You Owe 24-Mar-11 When It Sounds Too Good To Be True 17-Mar-11 Questions and Answers Regarding Captive Insurance Companies 1-Mar-11 Davis Miles Celebrates Seventh Year As Arizona LegalShield Provider Firm 28-Feb-11 Top Reasons To Address Your Estate Plan In 2011 3-Feb-11 Slaying the Demons 31-Jan-11 Divorce and Claiming Dependants on Taxes 26-Jan-11 How The Disappointed Heir Gets Revenge 18-Jan-11 YOUR FAMILY & THE LAW: The Legal Hazards of Legal Fireworks 14-Dec-10 2010 Year-End Tax Planning 14-Dec-10 YOUR FAMILY & THE LAW: Spice