Written by: Ronald L. Jones, LegalShield Supervising Attorney

As many of you have heard, on September 10 Pre-Paid Legal changed its name to LegalShield. The company is starting many exciting new marketing initiatives, and part of that involved changing the name. The company did extensive market research and the results indicated the name change would significantly enhance the company’s image. Interestingly, it is the same name as one of the benefits that has been offered by PPL for a long time (the 24/7 access to telephone consultation in cases which involve certain legal situations). There is also a new corporate logo that has a shield or umbrella of protection over LegalShield members.

We look forward to continuing to serve you as we always have, with the same benefits and services. We are pleased with the results we achieve for our LegalShield members. So far this year, Davis Miles has saved or recovered for our Arizona LegalShield clients over $1,078,000.00; and that’s just counting the results from the free services (telephone consultation and traffic court representation), and it only includes the situations that have been reported to us. That doesn’t even include the savings our LegalShield clients realize from having additional legal work done at a discounted rate or the value of the telephone consultation.  Adding those together the LegalShield benefits for Arizona members are well over 10 million dollars per year. 

At Davis Miles, we are very excited about the new marketing focus and the new company name. We will continue to provide sound legal advice and help with your legal matters,  large or small. We are proud to continue this tradition of service in conjunction with the company’s new name, LegalShield.

If you get a positive outcome from our advice and assistance, we’d like to hear about it! Share those successes stories with us by email to at a special email address: wow@davismiles.com.