A lot of people worry about whether they will be giving up money by paying my fee to help them. Here are some reasons why I can help you receive and keep more of your personal injury compensation, even after you pay my fee. I am going to be very blunt:

  • I will not charge you until I obtain a settlement or judgment for you, and it will only be a percentage of that settlement or judgment.
  • I will not be fooled by the insurance company saying the claim is worth less than it is. I have represented more that 1,300 accident victims, and know when the insurance company offer is likely too low. I assume you this is your first claim, maybe second.
  • Not only will the insurance company try to pay you less than you deserve, medical providers and health plans will often ask for money out of the settlement or judgment that they are not allowed. I will not let them take your money if they are not entitled to it, because I know the law. How are you going to know?
  • Even if some medical providers and health plans are allowed to get money out of your settlement or judgment, I will make sure they take only a reasonable amount. I know what that looks like. Do you?
  • We will do the legal headache work for you. If you don’t have something better to do than spend time with an insurance adjuster, get a life. My excuse is that I do this for a living.
  • I can help you get needed medical care even if your budget or health plan won’t allow for it. And I can usually get those bills down, too. Are you just going to skip medical services you need?

These reasons, and more, can turn into thousands of dollars you are entitled to receive or keep. Without experienced help, that money can disappear. You will usually be better off for my services; if not, I will be the first one to tell you.