If your case fits my practice area, and you contact my office for an in-office or telephonic meeting with me, you are not deciding to hire me.  You are taking a step toward learning about your claim and your options.  I will help you learn by spending up to an hour with you, free of charge, discussing your case.  The consultation includes at least the following advantages for you:

  • You will understand how what you are experiencing fits into the framework of making an insurance claim.
  • You will know whether you have a claim, what that means, and what it will take to prove it.
  • You will be able to distinguish between reasonable and unreasonable requests made and positions taken by the insurance company.
  • You will know what your options are and how to proceed.
  • You will understand what can be done without filing a lawsuit and when a lawsuit may be necessary.
  • You will be informed about how to protect against paying money from your settlement or judgment to someone not entitled to the money (this is a bigger problem than you think).
  • You will know what you can do on your own for your claim, what you may need a lawyer to do, and whether you even need a lawyer at all.

My consultation is free, but you should not wait to schedule it.  You can benefit from the consultation, and later decide whether you want to hire me or anyone.  Meanwhile, you don’t want to make mistakes that the consultation would have helped you avoid.   Yes, I know there are many lawyers who do what I do.  Many of them are great at it.  But I do not know anyone who can better help you understand what you need to know to successfully make a claim against the insurance company, and make intelligent decisions about your own claim.  You will not have to blindly trust the insurance company or even your own lawyer.  You will understand for yourself, so you can make decisions and proceed with confidence. Doesn’t that ability seem worth a no-risk meeting?

The other reason you should not wait to have a free consultation is because I reserve the right to stop doing this at any time–so call before I burn out.

Finally, one of my favorite benefits of representing people who have been injured is that my clients only pay me if I am successful for them.  There is no payment of my fee otherwise.