Medical professionals provide an essential and valuable service to all of us. We want a high-performing medical community to provide those services. We also recognize that we are very vulnerable when we place our lives in the hands of a doctor, especially in a hospital and surgical setting. Because of that fact, it is important that any doctor that becomes careless or dangerous in the way he practices medicine should be held accountable to those he harms. It is, however, often a difficult task to prove that a doctor or hospital wrongfully harmed a patient, even when common sense makes it obvious.

Robert Tolman and Kevin Fine, from the Personal Injury Department of Davis Miles, and Attorney Art Lloyd of Payson, represented a judge whose wife was killed by careless medical practices. The doctor added insult to this significant loss by claiming the judge was lying about key conversations he had with the doctor. Recently, after a hard-fought jury trial, the jury concluded that the judge was telling the truth, that the carelessness of the doctor caused his wife’s death, and that the judge should have this incredible loss appreciated and compensated.

We are proud of the difference we made for this man and his family. We hope that you never experience injury due to the wrongful act of another person. But if it happens, Robert Tolman and Kevin Fine are here to help you.