We Understand

What You Are Going Through

We understand that your entire life has been affected. We have heard the struggles of hundreds of clients as we have helped them survive the consequences of a serious injury from auto accidents and medical mistakes. Do any of these concerns sound familiar?:

“I have spent most of my life healthy and active. The injuries have changed all that, and I feel restricted and confined. To the degree I force myself to do anything, it is now with pain, so it is no longer enjoyable. In addition, I am constantly dealing with the distraction and stress of pain even when I am doing nothing at all, including while trying to sleep. How does sleep depravation feel? Try dealing with daily sleep depravation due to pain.”

“I feel depressed, unmotivated, irritable, and distracted, due to the constant pain. I sense that my previously stable personality is changing in a very negative way. I am not used to fear, and now feel it regularly. I am scared to drive, which is really a problem in our society. I am becoming someone that people will not enjoy being around, including those close to me. I sure don’t like being around myself.”

“I live close to the line financially, but I was doing fine before these injuries. Now I have constant fears that my financial life could fall apart. Money isn’t everything, but it enables me to meet my obligations to other people, and adds to a fulfilling life for myself as well. These injuries have kept me from earning income I need to hold on to what I have. I fear I may lose my ability to support my family, house, car, savings, and business.”

“My injuries have stopped me completely for a time, and have slowed me down for even longer. My employer may now perceive me as unreliable, a whiner, lazy, needy, risky, unmotivated, difficult to schedule, and weak. Consequently, I may be let go, have my salary lowered, or be passed over for promotions or raises”

“My co-workers may also perceive me as unreliable, a whiner, lazy, needy, risky, unmotivated, difficult to schedule, and weak. Consequently, I may be the brunt of gossip, awkward social interactions, and bad feedback to our employer.”

“I had friends and family with me in the car. Even though the accident was not my fault, I feel guilt for what happened to them, and my inability to protect them from this. I now feel vulnerable to any random act of a careless person, and wonder what might happen next.”

“My relationship with my spouse and kids is the most important thing in my life. I have had to decrease interaction with them and I worry that it may permanently affect these relationships. Kids continue to grow up even while I cannot be the parent I was.”

“Because my injuries were caused by someone else, I thought the insurance company would really try to help. Instead, they act like I am exaggerating my injuries, and won’t make any commitments to take care of what their insured did to me. I have always been an honest person, and they act like they don’t believe me, which really makes me angry.”

“I have heard all my life that it is a bad thing to “sue” and I am not a litigious person. I’ve never sued anyone, and don’t want to now. But, even while treating me poorly, the insurance company is making me feel bad about making a claim—like I am doing something wrong. I also don’t trust lawyers, and have heard that they are expensive even if you find one you can trust. I don’t want to hire a lawyer.”

“Even if I do want to hire an attorney, how do I do it? I don’t want to make a mistake here too, but how do I know? I have no experience hiring an attorney, and no good way to tell if I am making a good decision, so I am likely to get taken.”

“This whole world of insurance and making a claim is new to me. I am frustrated that I was thrown into this arena against my will, and now fear I will make mistakes and make matters even worse.”

“Before the injuries, I felt safe. Now I feel vulnerable. I felt well; now I hurt. I felt in control; now I am under the control of others. I felt assured; now I have a lack of confidence. I enjoyed life; now I am constantly distracted by pain. I was independent physically and financially; now I rely on others and am going in debt–or worse.”

“And while going through all this, the one that could most help alleviate this, the one that is responsible to help what can be helped, fix what can be fixed, and make up for what can’t be helped or fixed, doesn’t seem to care—the insurance company.”

Does any of this seem familiar? The insurance company does not seem interested in understanding what you are really going through, but we are. The insurance representatives will act like the full extent of the harm from your injuries makes no difference to your claim, but they are wrong. If your injuries have caused you to feel some of what you read above, please contact us for a visit [click here to set up a visit]. You don’t need to worry about paying to talk to us. There is no charge. We’ll even buy your lunch, just to have a chance to hear you out. It may be the first time anyone has really listened to you since the accident happened.

But do we know how to help you? Yes. We will show you how to make the decision about whether to hire an attorney, and what kind you are looking for [link to article]. You can also see our own background [link to bios] and our experience in helping seriously injured survivors [link to case results]. You can read what some of our clients have said about their experience [link to testimonials]. If you just want some information right now, the articles on this site address various issues you may face [link to articles list]. There is also a free book you can order for even more guidance [book order page].

We look forward to hearing from you.