Aggressive AttorneyWarning! This article is filled with questions!

You’ve been injured in a car accident in Arizona and the insurance company is ignoring you, stalling, and otherwise not doing what they should. You’ve decide to get a lawyer, so you want an aggressive one, right? Well, why do you think that? What does that lawyer in the ad mean when he says he is “aggressive”? What do you mean by “aggressive”?

By “aggressive” you probably don’t mean, well, “mean.” “Aggressive” can quite easily come across as mean-spirited—a jerk, right? Do you want that from your lawyer? How do you react when someone is “mean” to you to get what they want? Does it make you more helpful? That’s what I thought. Do you think it makes the adjuster more helpful if your lawyer is mean to them? What about the defense lawyer? How do think a jury will react to a mean lawyer? Even if you think it is cool that your lawyer just cussed the adjuster out over the phone, the adjuster probably hung up the phone and said exactly what YOU would say: “What a jerk! I’m not giving that idiot or his client an inch!” So, that is probably not what you mean by “aggressive.”

“Aggressive” can mean “pushy.” Is that what you want from your lawyer? How do you react to pushy people? That’s what I thought. Do you think the adjuster, defense lawyer or jurors want to help “pushy” people or their lawyers? It has the same problems as “mean.” So, that is probably not what you want, either.

There has to be a better word for what I think that lawyer on the ad wants to convey, or what you intend when you say “aggressive.” I don’t know what that word is, and only you can decide what you want, but I do have an opinion on what you need:

  • You need a lawyer who knows the steps needed to get you the best result possible.
  • You need a lawyer who will explain those steps to you so you can make informed decisions.
  • You need a lawyer who will take those steps as promptly in your case as they can be taken.
  • You need a lawyer who will continue to take those steps until the claim is successfully resolved in settlement or in court.
  • You need a lawyer who will NOT be swayed by aggression from the insurance company, but will use the facts, law and process to fully protect your rights.

Does that list sound pretty close to what you need? There. That was my last question.

Of course, the general thoughts I’ve shared here are not legal advice. But, I’d be happy to talk to you about your specific matter or send you my free book on auto accidents to give you some guidance. You can contact me to talk or get the book by calling Davis Miles McGuire Gardner at 480-733-6800, or through