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Employment Visas – visas for employees seeking permanent employment in the U.S. This requires applications with the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) and the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS ). The beneficiary is ultimately issued a permanent resident (green) card. Investor Visas - for permanent or long term working investments in the U.S. Temporary Workers – comprises professional workers, intra-company transferees from foreign companies to U.S. subsidiaries, affiliates, or joint ventures, special need workers, temporary agricultural workers, and religious workers. Family Visas – family reunification for close relatives for both U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents. Includes fiancees of U.S. citizens. Miscellaneous Visas – student visas, significant other/partner, renewal of visitor visas. Consular Processing – assistance on all worker, investor and family permanent and temporary visa applicants. Citizenship and Naturalization – assisting clients with citizenship issues, including derivative citizenship (acquired at birth) and clients applying for U.S. citizenship through naturalization. Employment Sanctions - advising clients on obligations for employee work authorization; review of employer I-9 employer verification forms and other record keeping requirements to ensure compliance with current regulations; advise employers in defense against government claims of employer violations. Global Immigration – strategic partnerships with professional services for country-specific employment visa and immigration requirements for transfer of employees (foreign nationals and expatriates) to overseas posts; entry and border crossing issues/visa reciprocity; permanent residence in addition to work permit/visa options for spouses, children, and domestic employees accompanying expatriate workers. Contact us today at (480) 733-6800 for a confidential consultation.

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