Based upon the substantial experience of our Arizona divorce and Arizona family law attorneys, we counsel our clients to amicably resolve and settle their cases whenever they can do so without giving up what they are legally and equitably entitled to receive under the law.

Settlement can be achieved through informal settlement discussions or through formal mediation, which can be through the courts or through a private mediator. Our family law attorneys will negotiate on your behalf, provide you with the necessary resources and assist you in evaluation of settlement offers, assist you in formulating appropriate any counter offer you wish to make, and working through the emotionally difficult negotiation process.

An appropriate settlement agreement must include planning for the financial future of you and your children. While our family law attorneys understand the emotions that you will be going through, we are trained to remain free of the emotion and help you evaluate your case and any possible settlement issues logically.

While we try in every case to settle all of the issues without the need for court involvement, in certain cases certain issues must be resolved by the Court through trial. The attorneys at McGuire Gardner are experienced professionals having been through many trials and will work with you to gather the relevant evidence and witnesses, and will present your case to the Court so that the assigned Judge will be able to resolve the issue or issues equitably and as required under Arizona Statutes.

While our attorneys are very aggressive in a trial setting, we have found that negotiations are better accomplished working with the opposing attorney or opposing counsel in a professional, cordial, and amicable fashion.

Whether we resolve your case through amicable settlement, or after a hard fought trial, our attorneys will prepare all forms and settlement documents necessary to bring your case to conclusion. The determination on how parents will share custody, both legal and physical, must always be focused on the best interests of the child.