BrexitAs an Arizona State Bar certified specialist in family law matters in Arizona, my blog articles have typically focused right here in Arizona.  However, with the world (especially the financial markets) watching Brexit and the unfolding details, it seems that a discussion of that situation in context with an Arizona Divorce may be in order.

Similar to an Arizona Marriage, joining the European Union may have been the easier part of the process.  Similar to an Arizona Divorce, sometimes it is more difficult to untangle the details after years of being a part of the Union, than it was to join the union (or marriage) in the first place.

England’s vote last week leave the European Union (to invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty) was just the first step, similar to filing a Petition for Divorce.  There remains a long complicated process that must take place before the exit is completed.

Once Article 50 has been invoked, there is a minimum of a two year negotiation of the terms of the exit.  Similarly, in Arizona, once a divorce has been filed and served upon the other party, the Court cannot grant a divorce for at least 60 days (a cooling off period).

Similar to divorces with children, the divorce does not end the need for all communication, and the fact that a party has children requires extensive communication and compromise even after a divorce.  In the same way, even with England exiting the European Union, it will need to continue to communicate and compromise with the rest of Europe and the rest of the world, as England will certainly wish to continue doing business, exporting goods, etc. with the rest of the world.  Just because England may leave the European Union, they will still be required to abide by Euro- rules and regulations for foreign trade.

There seems to be significant fear and confusion related to England’s vote to leave the European Union.  Arizona divorces certainly involve a similar fear of the unknown, the uncertain, the inevitable changes, and have confusion over how assets will be divided, what will be done for the children, how financial obligations will be made, etc.

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