When recently in Court, one of the Judges commented on the high conflict in a case I am currently working on. To the parties, he let them know that most parents finalize their divorce and never need to return to Court. Of those that do need to return to Court, most of them only need to return a single time. However, there are a small minority of cases, known as high conflict cases, where the parents do not learn to communicate and work together to resolve difficulties that inevitably arise while raising children.

Though divorced, parents must still continue to work together as business partners, in the business of raising children. While the emotional involvement of the past may be completely gone, both parents must work together to ensure the best interest of the children. This can be difficult when one parent or both parents are shortsighted, self-centered, or unwilling to compromise and negotiate. Such cases often return to Court every few years for adjustments to the prior orders.

More often, if adjustments are needed, an experienced family law attorney can assist you in drawing up amendments or stipulations to modify prior orders based upon agreements reached between the parties. Proceeding without significant involvement of the Court reduces the cost and the emotional toll of high conflict cases. If you need to make adjustments or changes to your parenting orders or parenting agreements, and whether or not your case is high conflict or an agreement has already been reached but needs to be properly documented in an appropriate legal format, please call the family law attorneys at McGuire Gardner, PLLC at 800 899 2730 for your free initial telephonic consultation.

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