In some more complicated Arizona divorces, spousal maintenance is an important issue that must be considered in either settlement of the case or by the Court after a contested trial.

Sometimes, it is important to utilize a vocational evaluator or a profession evaluator, who can evaluate the spouse requesting spousal maintenance, and provide the Court with expert recommendations regarding what that spouse is capable of earning, what types of jobs are available in field related to that spouses experience, and even what jobs would be available with some additional training or schooling.

The vocational evaluator will often meet with the spouse requesting spousal maintenance, may run certain standardized tests, may review that spouses work history and résumé, and otherwise evaluate the vocational and professional abilities of that spouse. These are then reported to the Court through a written report and testimony at the trial. Sometimes, obtaining the report facilitates settlement and can aid in avoiding a costly trial.

While the Judge is the ultimate finder of fact, it may be helpful in certain cases to assist the Court through the use of an expert who has more time to spend and more experience in this specialized field. Courts will often give significant weight to the recommendations of such an expert, though they are not required to do so.

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