In cases in which one or both parties own a business, the Court is often asked to determine the value of the business as part of the division of assets and debts between the parties. 

In some cases, the value of the business is readily determinable.  In other cases, an expert business evaluator is brought in as a joint expert or each party brings in his/her own expert. 

It is beneficial to have an attorney with business background, including accounting background or other business experience. 

My own background in accounting, and my M.B.A. through ASU, has been very beneficial in cases in which complex accounting, appraisal, or other evaluations are needed.

If you have a family law case in which a business will need to be evaluated, or complex accounting records will become important exhibits, please call 800 899-2730 and ask to speak to Attorney Douglas Gardner, or visit us at to learn more.