Potential clients calling in on a free initial telephone consultation often want to know the cost of a divorce and who will pay for the divorce. 

 Arizona Court Filing Fees:  To file a dissolution of marriage (divorce) case in Arizona, the petitioner must pay the initial filing fee.  This varies from county to county within the state but is often around $300.00.  The Respondent would then pay a similar “Response Fee” in order to file a Response in the case.  Even in uncontested cases, the Respondent must pay the Response Fee, except when the case proceeds by default.

 The Court may order one party to pay for all, or a disproportionate share of all of the costs including filing fees and attorneys fees in certain cases.  The Court must look at the income and financial resources of both parties and the reasonableness of the positions taken in each case to make such a determination. 

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