Is Facebook Causing Divorces?

An international article was recently published online ( discussing the causal effect of increased use of Facebook and other networking websites in divorces.  The article stated that as many as 20% of British Divorces made mention of Facebook as a part of the cause.

In Arizona, it will be much more difficult to assess the impact of social networks, as Arizona is a no-fault divorce state so specific allegations of infidelity are not required in court paperwork.

While the impact of Facebook on divorces comes in many forms, the most typical is the rekindling of long lost love or the locating of a first love from childhood days and the associated re-kindling of that romance.

Because of the reduced barriers when on-line, flirting that would never occur in person often does occur over the internet and people who may not have otherwise allowed themselves to become emotionally and romantically unfaithful to a current spouse may find that is exactly what has happened.

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