Elder Law

What is Elder Law?

Given our booming elder population, there is no question that the need for elder law is growing equally as fast. Elder law attorneys focus on the needs of the aging and disabled population. Some of the more common questions are:

  • What resources are available to assist his/her needs?
  • How can they afford their care?
  • Will Medicaid take my home?
  • Do I have to be completely out of money before I qualify for any government assistance programs?

Most people have no idea where to begin, having never contemplated it until faced with the situation. To make matters worse, there is a substantial amount of misconceptions in the general public and among professionals about options for incapacity and long term care. As a result, people may be deprived of receiving the help they need and deserve. Rather than remain in the dark, allow our experienced attorneys to shed some light on options and resources that can bring peace of mind as you or a loved one face the overwhelming prospect of aging or disability.

Benefits Planning

Due to its high cost, one of the most common concerns for the aging, disabled or their loved ones is affording long term care. Our attorneys have in-depth knowledge of the options, including long term care benefits available from government programs. We can also help you explore long term care planning alternatives for protecting your assets before you exhaust them on the high cost of long term care.

Whether planning at the time of long term care need or years in advance, Ms. Johnson will help you evaluate options to achieve the best possible outcome to afford quality care for yourself or your loved ones and preserve your hard-earned savings and assets.

Long Term Care

What is ALTCS?

Arizona Long Term Care System (ALTCS) is one of the Arizona Medicaid programs, which covers the cost of long term care and medical expenses for those that qualify.

What is Veterans’ Aid & Attendance Pension?

The US Department of Veterans Affairs offers a pension for US veterans of war who qualify. The Aid & Attendance aspect of this pension is a limited reimbursement for out of pocket medical and care expenses, for those who qualify.

How We Can Help?


Eligibility counseling for ALTCS and Veterans’ Aid & Attendance benefits


Work with you and ALTCS to process the ALTCS application and execute any planning steps


Asset Protection Planning


Assist with Income Only Trusts (“Miller Trusts”)

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