Condemnation/Eminent Domain/Real Property Valuation

When a public body wants to build a project, it is necessary that it secure real property from owners of land along the route or at the location of the facility to be built.  Businesses and homeowners may be displaced by these projects and their real property taken. Doug Zimmerman of our firm is a recognized preeminent condemnation lawyer who has practiced 42 years in this field.  He has represented both public entities,  private landowners and businesses. Even government entities have taken advantage of Doug’s extensive experience. Before trying to negotiate with the public body consult an attorney about this complex area of law. Doug can help you secure maximum compensation for your real property and relocation benefits. Contact us at (480) 733-6800 for a confidential consultation.

Attorneys in Condemnation/Eminent Domain/Real Property Valuation

Marc C. Goldsen
Douglas G. Zimmerman

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