Civil Litigation

Justice in the courtGoing to court is never pleasant. However, whether you are defending yourself or seeking money damages, it is critical to have a skilled attorney fighting for you. The litigation department at Davis Miles McGuire Gardner represents clients in a broad spectrum of legal disputes. Our highly experienced trial and appellate attorneys provide aggressive advocacy and excellent service on a cost-effective basis. Our attorneys:

  • Effectively quantify the risks beforehand to help you make an informed decision.
  • Estimate the costs upfront so there are no hidden surprises.
  • Listen to you so we understand your goals, concerns, and limitations.

Our attorneys begin by working with our clients to assess their needs and objectives. We obtain a thorough understanding of the facts and help our clients make informed decisions by discussing various options with them in a candid, straightforward manner. Ultimately, we work with our clients to devise practical, “real-world” solutions. We constantly re-assess the risks and rewards of each course of action after it has been adopted.

Our firm is solutions-oriented. We strive to look for creative and innovative ways to solve our clients’ problems. In appropriate circumstances, we refer clients to mediation or alternative dispute resolution (and represent them during the mediation process). However, when litigation cannot be avoided, our attorneys vigorously prosecute and defend our clients’ cases effectively.

Our attorneys represent clients in various cases and situations, including cases involving:

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