After several years of the worst recession in our life time, and years of depressing economic news, it appears that the first signs of good economic news are beginning to trickle in.

Unfortunately, this will not slow down consumer bankruptcies, based upon past trends.  Bankruptcies generally lag the economy one to two years, as consumers fight to hold on through the recession and eventually realize that their only hope is to file for bankruptcy relief.

For many of our clients, it takes hitting the bottom or at least nearing the bottom before they realize that filing for bankruptcy may be their best option.  Most consumers do not hit the bottom as soon as they loose their job or as soon as they go through a divorce or as soon as they experience serious medical problems or some other financial crisis.  Generally, they hit the bottom when the return to full employment or get back on the normal track and realize that the voluminous debts incurred during their crisis are overwhelming them and preventing them from getting back into the financial groove that they previously held.  They realize that only with a fresh start from a bankruptcy can they get back their life.

Many of our clients are confused by the fact that they now have a new job, or that they have resumed full health, or otherwise are now doing well, but they just cannot pull ahead financially.

While the economy is showing signs that it may beginning a recovery, it will be quite some time before the consumers that have been hurt so badly in this economic wreck overcome all of the baggage that they have picked up through the last few years.

If you are still struggling financially, do not let the beginnings of economic recovery prevent you from speaking with one of our bankruptcy attorneys about what a bankruptcy can do for you in providing you with a fresh start so that you can enjoy this economic recovery with the rest of the country.

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