Arizona Bankruptcy Attorneys Discuss Payments Within 90 Days of Filing Bankruptcy

One question that often comes up in consumer bankruptcy cases in Arizona is:   When should I stop using my credit cards? Good advice would be to immediately stop using your credit cards as soon as you have talked with an attorney and decided to pursue bankruptcy.  Once you have decided to file for bankruptcy, using your credit cards may be (or at least appear to be) fraudulent, being that you are incurring debt that you do not intend to pay. The Trustee and the Court will look most closely at the 90 days before filing for bankruptcy. Trustees and creditors love to find cases in which the debtor consulted with an attorney, and then shortly thereafter went out and bought a big screen television or other large purchases. In these cases, the Creditor can ask the Court to deny the discharge of certain debts that were incurred fraudulently. In short, as soon as you decide to file for bankruptcy, STOP USING YOUR CREDIT CARDS. Stop making any payments to the credit cards, but stop using them. If you have made large charges or any charges that will appear to be for luxury items, you may want to discuss with your attorney waiting for at least 90 days before filing.

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