Administrative Law

At the nexus between governments, public institutions, and you is administrative law. Administrative law effectively protects you and manages you through the creation and operation of various agencies, both federal, state, and civic. Whether you are in need of protection for a public interest, or are interested in vindicating your private rights, our skilled attorneys at Davis Miles McGuire Gardner have the years of experience requisite for success. Our attorneys are experienced in legal matters that cover nearly every aspect of administrative law, including, but not limited to: • Rulemaking • Adjudication • Public Law • Tribunals • Boards • Commissions • Police Law • International Trade • Manufacturing • Environmental Law • Broadcasting • Immigration • Transportation Law • Healthcare Law • Civic and Community Tax Law • Specialized Civic Courts • Administrative Courts • Federal Courts • states’ courts Let us help you avoid costly mistakes. Contact us today for a confidential consultation.

Attorneys in Administrative Law

Jenn Wassermann
Amy E. Tilchen
David W. Williams

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