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Five Personal Finance Tips
Don’t Be a Victim Twice, Call the Personal Injury (PI) Hotline for Advice!

**Davis Miles, PLLC New Mexico Title 1 Attorneys have helped New Mexico Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. members collect over $18,000.00 and save approximately $46,000.00 just in the month of September. Additionally, Davis Miles, PLLC Arizona Title 1 Attorneys have helped Arizona Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. members collect over $3,000.00 and save approximately $85,000.00.  We appreciate being able to help our Pre-Paid Legal Service, Inc. members!**

from Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. Members

It is not often that I have the pleasure, need or opportunity to thank anyone of whom I have my doubts or should I say insecurities.  This is one such rare occasion.  I went into this with a great deal of trepidation.  I am happy to say to you, THANK YOU very much.  Of course, we may not win, but on more than one occasion, you got the City to admit that what they are doing is wrong, you even broke down [an employee of the city] about me telling him about my wife and my social security.  You revealed the truth of all that I have said (what more could any client, nay any person even those of discriminating taste and high standards want or expect)?  Taken from my observation and position I posture a resounding "Nothing" when it comes to both your service and performance; in reality, we both know that there is no such thing as an OPEN AND SHUT CASE … Win, Loose or Draw it was still a pleasure to watch YOU work …
It may be a bit premature to sing your praises; however, it is past time and appropriate that I show you my sincere appreciation of all your efforts and a job: WELL DONE!
P.S. Something else I don’t often do, I apologize for the doubt nay, the insecurities, but after all, I am only human …  My heart felt thanks, Man.
I am a new member to Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.  And am already sold for life because of the great service I received from the Davis Miles, PLLC, law firm.  I called in to talk about my pending divorce and got advice that I never would have know about in a hundred years.  Thank you so very much Davis Miles and Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc..
Thank you for your help in getting the refund … from [the car company].  I had been having a hard time trying to get the [refund] since February, 2006.  The case had been closed without any action by [the car company] to refund the requested amount, but due to your letter sent to that company [5 months later], the refund … was finally sent.  Thank for all your help regarding this matter.
I have been a member of Pre-Paid Legal, Services, Inc. since 1985, and have used their services in helping me with automobile accidents, grandparents rights, child support and others.  Thanks again for all your support and help.
Ever since I started my membership about 6 months ago, Davis Miles, PLLC has been doing nothing but solving my problems for me.  Every situation that arises in my life, I call my attorney for their opinion.  Most recently, the property manager for my house (I rent a house), fined me for some landscaping issue … I called my attorney and within a couple of days of receiving the notice from my lawyer, the manager dropped the charges … Davis Miles, PLLC will ALWAYS have me as a client.  I love you and am referring ALL of my friends and ANYONE that I care about to your firm.
I just wanted to let the company know what an outstanding job our law firm (Davis Miles, PLLC) has been doing for us here in Arizona!  They really do go above and beyond the call of duty in their responsibilities as our provider law firm.  They deserve a “pat on the back” for the great job they’ve been doing.  We recently had a letter written by one of their attorneys.  It was professional and to the point and it worked!  The collection agency we had him write to stopped calling us immediately and the case is over.  We were impressed by our previous law firm in Utah but this law firm in Arizona is by far the best we’ve seen or heard of!  They are the model in our eyes of what provider firms should be.  We just wanted to show our appreciation for having such a great firm!

Charlie Davis, Partner, Davis Miles, PLLC

In early September, I, with several other Managing Attorneys from law firms around the country, met with Mr. Harland Stonecipher, Chairman of the Board of Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc., and a number of other executives at the home offices in Ada, Oklahoma.  During our meetings we spent considerable time discussing how we as firms could deliver more services to you, the members.  We want you to know that everyone, from the Provider firms to the top of the organization, is focused on making sure you get tremendous value as members.
Over the next year, expect to see the new and innovative ways Davis Miles, PLLC will serve the Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. membership.
One of our new services is education. We will be providing information seminars and other materials to educate members on ways to stay out of trouble and ways to take advantage of opportunities the law provides.  We’re starting this service in Arizona, and if it is successful, we’ll plan on expanding to New Mexico. So, in this issue we are announcing the first of our Business Seminars for Arizona (see above).  For all of you who want to do it right from the beginning, or find out if you are not doing it right and how to correct it, please join us.  The information you glean from this seminar could save you tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of heartache and frustration. But seating is limited. So call soon to reserve your space!

Don’t Be a Victim Twice, Call the Personal Injury (PI) Hotline for Advice!
Lauri Reijonen, Attorney

When you have an accident that was not your fault, call Personal Injury Hotline (480-254-2551) to speak to an experienced personal injury attorney.  You should not have to worry about medical bills and insurance adjusters when you are in pain.  Let your Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. provider firm, Davis Miles, PLLC fight for your rights so that you can concentrate solely on recovering from your injuries.
1. If you have Medical Payments included in your car insurance, we at Davis Miles, PLLC will collect that portion of your claim free of charge.  Medical Payment coverage is primary health insurance which means that it should be used up before your regular health insurance will start paying for your medical bills.  You pay for the extra protection, so take advantage of your medical payment coverage regardless of who is at fault and even if your insurance adjuster tries to convince you otherwise.  At any rate, unless you are at least 50% at fault in the accident, it is against the law for your insurance carrier to raise your insurance premiums/rates even if you make a claim.  Don’t be a victim twice: call PI Hotline for advice (480-254-2251).
2. If you have been in an automobile accident, some medical providers will be reluctant to bill your health insurance and instead will be asked to be paid out of your settlement.  If you have health insurance, insist that your medical providers bill them.  Your health insurance will save you money without reducing the value of your personal injury claim.  You are paying for your health insurance premiums, so why not use it?  Don’t be a victim twice: call PI Hotline for advice (480-254-2251).
3. If you don’t have health insurance and want to minimize your immediate out-of-pocket costs, we have a list of medical providers all over Arizona whose charges are reasonable and who are willing to wait for their payment until your case is resolved, even if it takes months or even years.
Remember that your Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. membership will save you money, time and effort – and peace of mind because we at Davis Miles, PLLC will fight your battles and provide the necessary legal services to our injured clients.  Do not forget that we get paid only if you receive a settlement and that Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. membership is your ticket to a 25% discount from our regular fees.  
Call the Personal Injury Hotline (480-254-2251) immediately after an accident to take full advantage of our services because if you don’t call us, we can’t help you.    

"Doing it Right: How to Start or Run a Business and
Avoid Common Legal and Tax Problems"
with Kevin Wick, Attorney

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The fee will be refunded at the door! 
Seminar date: October 24, 2006 7 pm to 8 pm

[PRINTER FRIENDLY VERSION] Five Personal Finance Tips
Jared Bennett, Attorney

The economy in Arizona and nationwide is in a strange place.  While unemployment is down, the growing concern over the number of exotic mortgage loans issued last year has increased as the real estate market in Phoenix is all but stagnant.  Here are some good tips to keep your finances straight:
1.      Never take a payday loan to get you by to your next payday.  Payday loans are often used by people who have no credit or bad credit to obtain money at an exorbitant interest rate quickly.  The Center for Responsible Lending states that a payday loan of $325 has a typical APR of over 400%.  What that means to the consumer is that the interest paid on borrowing that $325 to get you by until payday costs you $54 ever two weeks or $104 every month! 
If your finances are such that you are considering such an option, you should consider that the CRL research has shown that 99% of payday loan borrowers end up as repeat borrowers trapped in an endless cycle of debt.    
Better solution:  Check with your local savings and loan and see if they have a salary advance program and more reasonable rates.
2.      Emergency Savings. It should be your goal have at least three months of savings for emergencies, whether you get fired, laid off or encounter a medical emergency.  Don’t consider that savings account for the trip to Hawaii to be your emergency fund.  It should be a completely separate account that you never touch unless it is an emergency. 
3.      Track and budget your expenses.  One of the hardest things for most people to determine is where their money went.  I recommend purchasing a home accounting software like Quicken, Quickbooks, or Microsoft Money.  It can help you track and budget your money.  If you regularly use these programs to manage your checking and savings accounts and establish categories for each purchase, these programs can help design a monthly budget based upon your spending.  It will also show where all that money went.  One the surprising revelations I had when my wife and I began this process was how much we spent on dining out and on gasoline each month.
4.      Pay yourself first.  This might sound like a silly statement, of course I always pay myself my first, then I pay the mortgage, the phone bill, etc.  But what this really means is that you should use every opportunity to put money aside just for you, not your bills.  Force yourself to contribute to your employer’s 401(k) plan and learn to live with less money.  Take advantage of employer matching programs and contribute as much as your employer will match.  Never borrow against your retirement or 401(k).
5.       Develop a payment plan and stick to it.  If you have lots of unsecured debt like credit cards, medical bills or personal loans you should develop a repayment plan to pay off that debt.  Paying the minimum each month that the lender requires will never get you out of debt.  Instead, work out a payment plan that keeps your bills current while slowly chipping away at your debt. 
First, arrange your debts based upon their interest rates.  Then, pay the loan with the highest interest rate first.  Once that debt is paid, move on to the next debt with the highest interest rate. 
Many people start by paying the debts they owe the least amount of money first.  While this may provide a good feeling about accomplishing something quickly, in the long run you will save more money by paying off the high interest rate debts first. 
Finally, if you feel overwhelmed about your financial situation don’t be afraid to seek professional help and ask questions about bankruptcy and debt negotiation.      


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