The Benefits of Pre-Paid Legal Memberships
The Benefits of Pre-Paid Legal Memberships
Charles E Davis

Charles E Davis
How You Saved $20 Million or More Last Year
Being a part of Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. is changing the world, in many ways.  Not only is it providing access to legal services for millions of people, it is saving the people of this country hundreds of millions of dollars. 
Consider this:
            At Davis Miles we handle nearly 300 new cases a day for Pre-Paid Members.  We know about how much time it takes for a Title 1 attorney to converse with the Member, research and either close the matter or refer the case for a T-2, T-3, T-4 or T-5 benefit.  Using average rates for attorneys in Arizona and New Mexico: that translates to nearly $7,000,000 in savings for the Members, each year.
            Additionally, we refer out about 45 cases a day. Just considering the cases that are Title 5 referrals, we estimate that Members save between $11 Million and $15 Million, annually.
            And neither of those statistics includes amounts we and the referral firms in Arizona recover for the Members or save the Members from having to pay.  You could ad more millions to the numbers above.
            So, the amount of money that People in Arizona and New Mexico save, i.e. keep in their own pocket, instead of giving it to lawyers, because of their Pre-Paid Legal Membership is between $18 and $22 Million a year.  
Any way you cut it, that’s a pretty good value proposition.
But consider this.  From time to time Members contact us and say something like, “We were in an accident and we just called one of those T.V. lawyers.”  We forgot about our Membership. Or, “We had financial problems and responded to an ad on T.V.”
Don’t do that. 
You are already a member of an organization that gives you access to an elite group of law firms and lawyers throughout the United States.  Call your Pre-Paid Legal Services Provider firm, first, whether it’s an automobile accident, an inheritance from your long lost rich uncle, or any other matter with legal implications.  You’ll be glad you did.  Call us today.