With the volatile stock market and the uncertainty of where to invest for your retirement, making passive income off of rental properties seems the ideal investment.  However, there are certain steps you should take to protect yourself and your family to prevent that investment property from becoming a liability. 

Investing in unpaid tax liens that occur when people do not pay the taxes assessed on their real property also seems like a guaranteed return on your money: you either get your money back, with interest, or you can foreclose on the property and obtain title to real property for a fraction of what it would cost you to buy on the market. 

Davis Miles McGuire Gardner is pleased to present a seminar which discusses the basic steps to take when investing in rental properties and purchasing tax liens.  The seminar is FREE and Open to the public. Invite your friends and family to attend along with you. Refreshments served.

Register by calling 480-344-4072 OR by filling in the “Quick Contact Form” on our website davismiles.com.