LegalShield Member in Serious Distress
Ronald L, Jones, Supervising Attorney

This is a success story of a kind that we don’t usually have.

A member called, extremely distraught with this legal problem, and told the Customer Service Representative that he was thinking of taking his own life.  The Customer Service Representative alerted her supervisors and was instructed to quickly mark the intake as Urgent.  We quickly asked one of our attorneys who has a background in handling this type of situation to hurry and handle the Urgent intake on the screen.  Within perhaps less than one minute the attorney started talking to the member.  We quickly got the number for a referral attorney who handles that type of case, and the LegalShield Attorney, who was still talking to the member, gave the referral attorneys’ number to the member.

  The attorney talked the member through the situation and got him to promise her that he wouldn’t do anything rash, that he would call the referral attorney about the case, and that he would find an appropriate way to calm down.  The member agreed, and the attorney reported that she thought the member would be OK.  The referral attorney later reported that he and the member were able to work out a plan for handling the case and the member was fine.   Sometimes members’ legal issues are fairly simple, and sometimes they truly are life and death.  Sometimes what people need is to know that someone truly cares about them.