You’ve got an MPITM Plan… Now create a legacy!

Your MPITM Plan is designed to create a tax free retirement income with a death benefit for your beneficiaries.  A MPI Legacy Trust maximizes the benefits of your MPITM Plan and enables you to do much more with your MPITM Plan.  Whether your goal is to obtain a MPITM Plan on someone other than yourself, spouse or minor child, or perhaps it is create wealth for posterity, a MPI Legacy Trust can help you accomplish your goals.   A MPI Legacy Trust will own your MPITM Plans and enable you to designate who will control the policies in the event of your incapacity and death.  Further, the MPI Legacy Trust will enable you to protect the MPITM Plans for your beneficiaries and you will determine how your will receive their inheritance.   There are four common types of MPI Legacy Trusts.  The most common is the Basic Legacy Trust.  However, for MPITM Plan owners concerned about estate taxes or leaving a legacy for multiple generations, the other versions accomplish these goals.  Explore the four types of MPI Legacy Trusts below, select one, and let’s get started!

MPI Dynasty Legacy Trust