By: Attorney, Kevin Fine

I have shared several articles on various issues that arise when a person is injured in an automobile accident. Much of this focus has been on the most common form of accident and injury claim, in which the injuries are dominantly to the connective tissues of the neck and back—muscles, tendons and ligaments. If you have an injury of this nature, the firm of Davis Miles can arrange for the help you need to navigate the surprisingly difficult process of seeking fair compensation for what happened to you.   But what happens if the injuries are much more severe or caused the loss of life? If the injuries requires hospitalization, surgery, long recovery periods, or are permanent, then the claim for fair compensation becomes more complex. The amount of the medical bills will likely be high and payment difficult. The lost income can be very high, and even ongoing. The consequences on the family and other aspects of life can be far reaching. And, ultimately, the challenge of conveying an accurate understanding of what the harms and losses really are will be difficult. Rest assured, the insurance company will downplay the reality of what has really happened to the injured person.   Our personal injury team focuses on properly representing clients that have sustained severe injuries due to the wrongdoing of another person or business. The Personal Injury team of Davis Miles also includes Attorney Robert Tolman, who is an experienced jury trial attorney, and Certified Specialist in Personal Injury and Wrongful Death. The need for that level of experience, and the resources to back up your claim, increases significantly for clients with severe injuries. Please call 480-733-6800 for a consultation without charge or obligation if you or someone you know finds him or herself with such a need.