Davis Miles, PLLC Presents: A Series of Free Seminars to Give You a Legal Edge!
by Jared W. Bennett

 How Do You Spell Relief? BANKRUPTCY

WHEN:   AUGUST 13, 2008        6:00 pm

Are your credit card bills overwhelming you?  Have you stopped answering your phone because the only people calling are collectors? Are you late on your mortgage payments and facing a possible foreclosure?  Are you facing a reset of your mortgage that will make your mortgage completely unaffordable?  Or do you now owe more money on your house than it is actually worth?  If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions then make a reservation to attend our Bankruptcy Seminar August 13th! 

Learn how a Chapter 7 can help relieve the stress of your unsecured debt or how a Chapter 13 can help protect a home from foreclosure. If you or someone you love are considering bankruptcy, or you simply want more information on Bankruptcy, you cannot afford to miss this free important seminar coming up on August 13th.
About the Attorney: Jared Bennett
Jared Winsor Bennett, Davis Miles’ bankruptcy attorney, is a member of both the American Bankruptcy Association and the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys.  Jared is a graduate of Arizona State University and attended law school at the University of Pacific.  Before pursing a career in the law, Mr. Bennett worked on various political campaigns in Arizona.
Please call 480.344.4072 to reserve your space
($5 reservation fee, will be refunded at the seminar).

Knowledge Now Seminars for the Remainder of 2008

Seminars are presented on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 6pm
At Davis Miles, PLLC  560 W Brown Road, 3rd Floor, Mesa, AZ  85201
Seminars are approximately one hour
Light refreshments will be served. 




August 13th  
  How Do You Spell Relief?  BANKRUPTCY

Jared Bennett

September 10th
  Automobile Accidents:  How to Convince the Insurance Company to Treat You Fairly

Kevin Fine

October 8th
  Five Ways to Make Your Divorce Worse Than Your Marriage, and How to Avoid Them

Robert Hahn

November 12th
  Buying or Selling a Home?  Real Estate Answers for Real People

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