Tuesday, May 19, 2009 VOLUME 2 ISSUE 5   Why Wonder "What If?"
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Estate Planning Secrets Exposed
Small Business Q&A
Three More Things to Remember When in an Automobile Accident
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  Letters from Members Family law matter: In the year we’ve had our membership, we’ve used our legal service plan several times, for big issues and much smaller issues. My husband and I have also used the will benefits. We thank you for that section of the plan, it is a value in itself. We find the service empowering and an absolute necessity. We will never be without our membership. I want to share with you a bad situation that recently was resolved in court with the assistance of Mr. Alongi from the Davis Miles office in Mesa, Arizona. I worked with Mr. Alongi in preparing for my hearing for an eight month period. I was very nervous when the court date finally arrived, but I was so confident in Mr. Alongi, that I was as much at ease as I possibly could be. After the hearing, I was most impressed with the judge’s comments to my attorney. The judge complimented my attorney for his professionalism in my defense and said he looked forward to seeing Mr. Alongi in his courtroom again. The judge also complimented the partners at Davis Miles, saying that he had the pleasure of having both gentlemen in his courtroom numerous times. My membership saved me thousands of dollars over the eight month period and yet I feel I had the best legal representation that money can buy! Thank you! Questions about FACTA (Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act): My husband and I want to thank you for all that you and your firm do for its Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. members. Your personal attention to our questions about FACTA really left an impression on us. We would also like to take this time to thank Mr. Crenshaw who successfully helped us with a legal matter that saved us about $20,000. We cannot say enough about Davis Miles! Valuable service: I am kind of tight on deadlines today but I wanted to take a minute and tell you how happy I am with Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. I never thought I could use it enough to warrant the monthly fee but I have spoken to the attorneys at Pre-Paid Legal twice already and since I am on the verge of finishing my first book, I will be seeking their advice on copyright law as well as preparing my will. I told my friend in California about Pre-Paid Legal and she was interested also. Thanks again for providing such a valuable service. Additional comments: Thank you very much. You saved me from a big headache. I have all good comments, you are very professional.

In September we will be offering a FREE seminar with further discussion and a question and answer session for small businesses. Look for more details in our August newsletter!
Law Office of Davis Miles, PLLC
560 W. Brown – Third Floor
Mesa, Arizona
RSVP to PPL_newsletter@davismiles.com by August 3, 2006
Since seating is limited, a small fee of $10 will be required to register.
The fee will be refunded at the door! 
Seminar date: August 10, 2006 7 pm to 8 pm

[PRINTER FRIENDLY VERSION] Especially for New Members
by Charles E. Davis, Partner

We have heard from many sources that once people use Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc., they stay with the program. That is one of the reasons we love to see new members get their Wills done. They begin to realize immediately the value the membership brings. But beyond that, many people are bashful about contacting a law firm for the first time. They have never dealt with lawyers before; they sometimes feel intimidated because of the way lawyers are portrayed on television and in the movies. New members should realize, however, that the lawyers at Davis Miles are there to help you with not only your immediate legal problems, but with questions about legal matters, too. Based on suggestions of the Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. leadership in Arizona, we’ve prepared a list of questions you can use to try the services immediately. If you are an associate, print out this list, have it with you when you sign up new members and help them make that first call to Davis Miles.  If you are a new member, please call us.  We look forward to serving you. Questions:1. Why do I need a Will?
2. What is probate and is there a way to avoid it?
3. What should I do if I’m in an auto accident?
4. If my spouse and I decide to divorce, and we’re in agreement on everything, is there an inexpensive way to handle this?
5. If a loved one dies, what legal things need to be addressed?
6. What’s the difference between holding my home (or other property) with my spouse in joint tenancy with right of survivorship or as community property with right of survivorship?
7. What’s the first thing I should do if law enforcement officers show up at my home with a warrant for my arrest or to question me about a crime?
8. What should I do if an insurance agent contacts me after I’ve been injured?
9. What is a living trust? Do I need one?
10. Should I incorporate my business? What are some of the advantages or disadvantages? You will soon realize that your monthly membership fee is one of the best bargains you have ever received. It truly is insurance against the complexities of our legal system and the unforeseen problems of life. May God Bless You, Charlie Davis PS: Davis Miles is only obligated under its contract with Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. to provide a Will. But we know that the Will is only part of what families need. So, at no charge, we also give new Pre-Paid Legal members a Durable Power of Attorney, a Health Care Power of Attorney and a Living Will. We charge our non Pre-Paid clients $300-$500 for similar services. And if you need a living trust, or other estate planning documents, we provide special attractive discounts available only to Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. members.  
[PRINTER FRIENDLY VERSION] Estate Planning Secrets Exposed
by Daniel J. Marco, Managing Attorney

I hope you enjoyed your 4th of July holiday. I certainly enjoyed mine. The fireworks at Tempe Town Lake are truly amazing. There simply is nothing better in this world than sitting on a lawn chair with your daughter on your lap, “ooohing and aaahing” at a huge fireworks display.

Days like the 4th of July remind me how lucky I am to live in a country with our justice system. It is, by far, the greatest system in the world. Through participation in that system, I get to celebrate America’s greatness every single day! And, for mere pennies a day, through Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. you belong to the greatest justice system in the world. Sure, it has its issues. Overall, our justice system would make Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson proud. In addition, a company like Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. fits nicely into the “philosophy of the every man” espoused by our great founders.

We had our first seminar and it was a smashing success! So good, that we have decided to do it again. My career has consisted, mostly of criminal defense, product liability and personal injury litigation. The topics of estate planning, trusts and taxes do not strike me as overly interesting. But, since I was one of the event organizers, I thought it best that I should show my face for the seminar. Actually, I am glad that I went. I know next to nothing about estate planning and the difference between wills and trusts and estate tax rates and so forth. Sure, I took those subjects in law school so maybe I know a little more than the average Joe but not all that much. I came away knowing a lot more. And it was so simple. With a PowerPoint Demonstration, I was never bored. First were the basics. For example, the seminar answered the question, who needs and estate plan and why? Well, it ends up almost everyone needs some type of plan and those plans range from the simple will provided as a benefit of your Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. all the way to trusts that are funded both during lifetime and after death.

The program moved into the area of taxes. It seems that many of us work a entire lifetime accumulating assets to make our life easier and the lives of our spouses and children easier. Failure to plan means that those same people we loved and cared for in life, get to sit down and watch the government take those assets and, well, waste them on those crazy government pork barrel programs. Do you really want your life’s work to go to building a bridge in Alaska? I do not. I would rather my children or grandchildren used the assets I have worked to accumulate to help them become better educated or simply to live a less stressful life. I learned a lot and you will too. I came away with the sense that most people plan for their next vacation more than their own passing. Given our complicated estate and tax laws, that makes little sense. Therefore, we invite you to attend our next FREE seminar. Come check it out. The only thing you have to invest is time: and the payoff? Peace of mind!
by Kevin G. Wick, Attorney

[PRINTER FRIENDLY VERSION] Three More Things to Remember When in an Automobile Accident
by Lauri Reijonen, Attorney

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