I am Demetrios Vlachos. I came to the United States in the 1950’s to go to school at ASU where I studied horticulture.  While I went to school one of my jobs was an assistant horticulturist at the Botanical Gardens. I did a lot of the planting and rockwork along the pathways. I enjoyed it very much.

After I graduated I didn’t go into the horticulture business right away. First I went into electronics then I taught at a high school. Eventually I found my way and started my own nursery business, V&P Nursery.

It is a family owned business. We started out in our backyard with a quarter of an acre.  I had my wife and my son Niko going out and collecting tomato and coffee cans from the restaurants and schools to use for the pots. For three or four summers we grew plants in our backyard. Eventually we got a few contractors and some retailers. We grew and we purchased our first piece of land. That is when I met our attorney Charlie Davis and we’ve been with him ever since.

Over the last 30 plus years, V&P Nurseries has grown to about 240 acres out in Queen Creek and another 40 acres out in Chino. Our customers are Home Depot, Lowes, contractors and Mom and Pop nurseries.

We mostly grow ornamental plants for landscape from bushes to large trees. 99% of our material we grow ourselves. We cultivate 6 to 8 million plants in 200 to 300 different varieties.

Back then we didn’t realize that we’d get to where we are now. We’re still not a huge company but we’ve certainly grown from where we were. We’ve been able to develop some great partnerships with Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Costco and they’ve asked us to expand with them. As we expand our company we will continue our relationship with Davis Miles McGuire Gardner.