Revealing FirearmDavis Miles criminal attorney Russ Richelsoph recently won a jury verdict representing a client who found himself in a self-defense situation and was charged with a felony. The client was involved in an altercation in a parking lot, and with his gun drawn, slowly backed about 50 yards across the parking lot while he was being closely followed by five men. The client finally backed up to an off-duty police officer, and after assurances of safety from the officer, the client finally holstered his gun and was then arrested. The trial mainly focused on whether his conduct was reasonable under the circumstances. With some great legal work by Attorney Russ Richelsoph, and with the client handling himself well on the witness stand, the client was acquitted by the jury. Congratulations to Attorney Richelsoph for his excellent work representing someone who defended himself with his concealed weapon. Davis Miles McGuire Gardner is a full service law firm, including representation in self-defense cases.

2 Responses to “Criminal Defense Attorney Russ Richelsoph wins a jury verdict for a client that was in a self defense situation”


    Great work Russ, and an important issue for those that carry for self defense. We have to remember that our freedom and financial futures are both at stake, even when defending ourselves.

  2. Tom Gee

    I would like to see our police force show more respect for people defending themselves with their firearms. Maybe this will make police think twice before arresting someone.

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