Congratulations!  You are one step closer to creating your MPI Legacy Trust now that you have scheduled your meeting with Mr. Skabelund.

What now?  Check your email for an engagement letter.  This letter is what makes Mr. Skabelund your attorney for your MPI Legacy Trust.   You may sign this letter electronically.
You will meet with Mr. Skabelund personally during your scheduled meeting.  He will explain what a MPI Legacy Trust is, how it works, and review your answers to make sure you have the type of MPI Legacy Trust that will work for you.  Of course, all of your questions related to the MPI Legacy Trust will be answered too.  (If you have a question about your MPITM Plan, Mr. Skabelund will ask that you contact your MPITM Certified Advisor or MPI Unlimited.)

  • After your meeting with Mr. Skabelund, you will typically receive your MPI Legacy Trust documents within two business days after your meeting.  If any changes are needed to your MPI Legacy Trust, we will update the documents and resend your documents to you.
  • If no further changes are needed, simply sign your MPI Legacy Trust documents before a notary.
  • Scan your signature pages and upload here.  Once your documents are uploaded, they are sent to your MPITM Certified Advisor, if any, and to MPI Unlimited to commence your MPITM Plan application, if the MPITM Plan is new, or transfer your MPITM Plan into your MPI Legacy Trust.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!  Mr. Skabelund’s paralegal, Jane Maasz, may be contacted at or (480) 344-4994.